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Arena Cinema

The Arena Cinema is Located in Phase 4, Bahria Town Rawalpind which is extension to Bahria Town Facilities. The Arena has a state-of-the-art screen with amazing sound to give you the best entertainment experience. The detailing and finishing of the cinema is remarkable. Large embossed glass doors lead visitors inside. As people wait for the show, they can relax on cushy lounge-esque seating. Thick carpeted stairs lead one to the cinema, which has a total of 260 seats with two VIP lounges. It offers 2D and 3D movies with extremely comfortable seats with folding table . It is unique cinemas who have maintained international standards. Its unique blend of the latest high-tech equipment combined with extreme luxury. All together it is set up in a very tasteful and classy manner which distinguishes it from others. All kind of movies are being played at Arena, from Lollywood to Bollywood & Hollywood and are released on the same dates as international release dates. Tasty treats and drinks complete the cinema experience. The atmosphere will leave you wanting more every time you watch a movie there. It is not just a movie theater but a complete entertainment facility of fun & games for the entire family. 

Ticket Price

2D film Rs400 per person

3D film Rs 500 per person

Arena Cinema