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Atrium Cinema

The first 3D Cinema in Karachi, Atrium, has been a runaway success ever since it opened. Due to its prime location it is convenient for both Defence /Clifton and the KDA side of town  to make  Atrium as premium choice when they plan to watch movie. Atrium has roomy seats and large screens. It has excellent 3D, a great ambience. Last but not least, it has the best popcorn in town. Atrium Cinemas, has presented the newest D-cinema or Digital Cinema technology with 3D capability in Pakistan along with offering the persons behind this altruistic project.

Ticket Price

Cinema A and B

2D Movies - Rs. 400 per person

3D Movies - Rs. 500 per person

Cinema D

2D Movies - Rs. 500 per person

3D Movies - Rs. 600 per person

3D Glasses for Digital 3D Movies (additional charge) 

Rs. 200 (disposable - customers can utilize the same glasses on their next visit)

Experience with Atrium Cinema:

You can buy movie tickets online of  Atrium Cinema on Bookme.pk in advance. Book your ticket at the times most suitable to you. Once your booking is confirmed, your ticket will be delivered at your doorstep. Pay the bookme.pk rider, take your ticket and go for movie. No more standing in queues; save time with bookme.pk

Atrium Cinema

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