The primary aim by Janaan film makers has been to portray a positive response of the film fraternity of Pakistan all over the world.  The main goal of the film was a step towards the revival of the film industry. If we talk about the films cinematography, it has been produced in the region of Swat and displays the most beautiful sceneries of Pakistan. The film is starring Armeena Rana Khan as the lead who did wonders in the film Bin Roye.

Janaan has been a film with the typical genre of being a typical Rom-com.  If we talk about the films story line, there was a plot which had flaws in it but still did not fail to give quality entertainment to the crowd. The overall film had it’s high’s and lows and the film did end happily for sure. What more? Let’s see. 57ca7152a0392

The story revolves around this girl, Meena who’s character is played by Armeena  Rana Khan. She comes to Pakistan from Canada and attends a marriage of a cousin. Meena in Pakistan falls in love with her adopted cousin.

Bilal Ashraf, the lead of the film talked to an international newspaper stating “The revival is still very, very new. I think it’s going to take time to develop. But just the fact that here we are, competing at an international level, with Bollywood and Hollywood films, even in Pakistan, I think it’s very refreshing,”

This eid was saw three Pakistani films being released world wide and compete among each other. The beauty of the whole competition was the fact that at the end of the day Pakistani film industry took a positive step forward of becoming self sufficient to provide entertainment to its audience.

The film primary aims to slowly and gradually plans to take the industry forward as before and play the role of catalyst for making the overall difference to the industry. As for now we can simply state that a film produced by team ARY has done quite a decent job and will help the industry move in the very right direction. For now let’s just hope the film industry has more such gusty film makers who strive to make a difference to take the Pakistan film industry to another level. Overall a 7 out of 10.