This eid we saw three Pakistani movies releasing and fighting it out at the box office. The clear winner has been Actor in Law. What is the movie like, what is the film about and how does the story line forward? Let’s quickly have a look at Actor in law’s merits, demerits, high’s and the lows!


So talking about Actor in law let’s keep in view that the film industry is in its revival phase, the film does a brilliant job to give complete entertainment to the audience. So the benchmark set to us for a comedy film is Jawani Phir nae Ani, so actor in law unlike JPNA isn’t a comedy explosion however it does give you a reason to laugh through the course of the film. The beauty of the film is the situational comic scenes, a hidden social message and a beautiful story line which carries the film forward in a brilliant manner.

The role played by Fahad Mustafa is of this young Shaan Mirza who is a law college dropout and is an actor who wants to be a part of the film industry but is struggling big time. Om Puri plays Rafaqat Mirza the father of Shaan Mirza, who is a man known for his honesty! He’s not the most successful person yet flaunts his honesty with pride.

Shaan on the other end tries to find a place where talent does get valued and after various unsuccessful attempts, he ends up finding a place in a theater where talent does get valued. But can this be it? Not at all! Here’s the point where the roller coaster ride begins and things start taking a turn which no one expects!

Mehwish Hayyat plays the character of a parsi girl,Meenu. If you look at the character of Meenu it’s been given a chance to go beyond the good looks and the character seems to be the additional touch which a lot of films lack. Meenu is the story teller in the film and is beautifully played by Mehwish after two major eid hits in the past two years!

The film has brilliant music and the quality work has been carried out by some really good names which include Atif Aslam, Asrar Shah and Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The film is quality work carried out by the team behind the scenes which include Nabeel Qureshi and company. It’s a must watch if you’re someone looking for quality entertainment and amazing family time, this is a film to watch. Overall a 8.5 out of 10. Actor in law, the best eid release this year!