Adam Winguard is the main mind behind the film Blair witch after two successful hits you’re next and The guest! Adam told the media that he had a film in the line and he called the film as The woods. There were jokes around the media people saying it can be another Blair witch and they laughed.  Winguard had the real laugh! His film was a sequel of the film, Blair witch project.

The original Blair witch project had a major impact on the film industry and the movie makers did start believing that a low budget film could be a super-duper hit breaking major box-office records. I was young and lived in Pakistan in the year 1999. I still remember the hype that got around the internet back than and even in Pakistan people who had access to the internet or were interested in the Hollywood couldn’t wait for Stars movies to air the movie. In 2001, the film got aired for the first time on television and it was a dark room my entire family choose to watch.official-bw-poster

The film was the point where the horror film genre got revived after numerous hit and trials from various film makers! The beauty of it was the fact that how thing unrolled and people actually believed that it was probably a real documentary. As for the scary element is concerned we did see people skipping a heartbeat when they saw a man standing in the corner.

This time around the Blair witch was much better directed as a film and things got fixed and the flaws from the original film were removed. The original film caused numerous people to throw up and it was basically because the cameras were in constant motion and the shaky handy-cam’s cause nausea.

This time around the cameras were less shaky and the things made much more sense to the viewers than just the visuals of someone running with the camera. This time around we had a drone as well! Oh yes people, its 2016. This time around we have a cast which is much more good looking and photogenic than the previous one! The cast as like before lack the sense of not avoiding going for camping at woodland which is associated with the Blair witch. A group of friends accompanied by two local who mention that they have local expertise start facing issues unlike ever before! It starts with an injury and when the darkness falls the things get even worse and this time much more than the Blair witch project! The film work on the moving the mythology of the Blair witch project in a much more grasping manner tries to build the legend in a far more reliable manner!  The film is a must watch and definitely will thrill you if you love watching such films.