The story of Raaz reboot is a story about a newly married couple Rihaan and his wife Shaina who move to Romania in a heritage hotel which the calls as their home. When they move in Shaina starts feeling the existence of something paranormal in the house and according to her the place was evil entity existing in the house. Shaina played by Kriti Kulkarni in this moment is worried by the happenings in the place and calls it haunted!

Shaina’s husband refuses to believe her stance of calling the place haunted and considers it as rubbish while in this point of time, her ex-boyfriend played by Imran Hashmi as Aditya believe her say on it and tell her that the demonic spirit has nothing to do with her and it’s her husband Rihaan who is being taken a revenge from.

This is where the story starts to unfold. What is the ‘Raaz’ that her husband has been hiding from her?  This film just like the previous installments of Raaz has the element of super natural existence and paranormal entities.


The problem with the film is the lack of ability to keep things undisclosed. Door constantly getting slammed on their own, unneeded whispering and horrific sights are something which scares Shaina while for the people watching the feel remain unaffected. The best part about the film is the songs which are just as beautiful as any other Emran Hashmi film.  The film is named as Raaz Reboot thus it does have the twits and the turns.

The film has an average story line and just like the last eight Emran Hashmi films since 2012, this also fails to disappoint at the box office.  Raaz reboot has overly cheesy lines and it tries to imply on lines like “Pyar hi bhagwan hai”. The on screen chemistry of Emran Hashmi is not as well gelled as that of the previous installments of Raaz.

The film is overly cheesy and stretched beyond imagination but let us assure you it’ll excite you a lot and be amusing in a different manner!