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Centaurus Cineplex

Centaurus Cineplex stands out to be one of the top cinemas of Pakistan. If we talk about the cinema it's one of the top 3D cinemas across Pakistan. Looking at the cinema's location, its right in the center of the heart of the federal capital Islamabad! Centaurus mall, the biggest attraction in Islamabad has been purpose built with all entertainment outlets in form of food court, shopping arena, top brands and a cinema in form of centaurus cinepax. The cinema has throughout the hours show with all movie genres available for the movie geeks, ranging from Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood. What are the movies being played right now at the cinema, what are the cenaturus Cineplex movie timings and what are the different facilities we get at the cinema? Let's quickly have a look at everything about this entertainment hub.

What mainly matters about a cinema is the screen and the system installed in it. This very place has the most amazing 2D as well as 3D experience. The screen is huge and the display of it remains the same no matter what seat you're sitting on. The best part about the cinema stands out to be the sound system which is Dolby digital sound powered. If we look into the cinema general from the capacity point of view its Pakistan's biggest multiplex with 5 different screens in it. The total sitting capacity of the cinema is 700. The cinema is the pioneer when it comes to providing the option of a platinum screen as well the facility of the lounge.

Another major attraction at any cinema is the quality of munching's available. Yes, people want quality snacks which they can consume with the film. The cinema has the best tasting fries, pop corns and burgers available. The nachos taste really scrumptious. Anyone going for a movie definitely wants to have really good eatables available at the cinema because good time calls for quality munching.

The 2D movie at the cinema costs Rs. 500 while the 3D film has a ticket priced at Rs. 600. The 3D glasses cost Rs.200 which is reusable on any next visit. The cinema is in the heart of the city and has been loaded with the best of the technology for a cinema and has the most updated facilities a cinema should have.

So wait no more! Gets your centaurus cinepax tickets right now because they've got your favorite films playing right now. Need your tickets on your doorsteps? Don't feel like going to centurus Cineplex? Book your tickets using bookme.pk application and website. Get to know about other cinemas and centaurus cineplax movie timings on the website and get your movie ticket on your doorstep making the trip a much more complete package.

Centaurus Cineplex

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