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CineGold Cinema :

Located in the center of bahia town, cinegold Lahore has been one of the most attractive cinemas for the people residing not just in Bahria town but across the city. When it comes to luxury based cinemas in Lahore the first name that pops up is of cinegold Bahria town.  The cinema is located next to the food court and one of the most comfortable place to watch a movie.  Among all cinemas, cinegold Bahria town Lahore is one of the most exclusive places with all cream of the society making their way to watch films.  The exclusivity element adds up to the quality of the cinema as well.

Talking about the comfort,  the cinema has La-Z-Boy boy chairs which give you the option of reclining your seat and making it into a whole different experience of watching a movie.  This really is very exciting when you go for the first time and experience the feel of watching a movie in such comfort and ease.  The other attractive element about the cinema is the cineplex screen which is backed by surround sound audio system which makes you feel like a part of the film.  The experience of the surrounding sound is beyond words. The sound system backed by the extremely good screen makes on go bonkers. The best thing that could happen to Bahria town was the availability of both 2D and 3D films at the cinema. Watch one of the 3D movies and get an experience like never before. The cinema has one of top notch screens across Pakistan which makes it a much better place to go for watching films with your friends and family. The cinema has one of the best air conditioning systems around Lahore.

When you go to watch a movie to spend time with your loved ones what do you do? You eat! The eatables at the cinema are of top quality.  You can get a range of snack from Nacho to French fries, burgers, cold drinks, juices and what not! The cinema has one of the best tasting caramel popcorn across the city. Getting cravings already? You'd get worth for your money at the cinema eating both the salty and the caramel popcorns.  Don't miss the chance to enjoy the movie in the most ultimate manner because food is the love which directly goes to your heart!  So what are you waiting for? Cinegold Lahore is waiting for you.  Go watch the latest movies from Hollywood, bollywood and Lollywood at cinegold Bahria town the most luxurious cinema of Lahore.  And for making things ease book your tickets or cinegold Bahria town Lahore using bookme. Pk.  Get your tickets on your doorstep!

Cinegold cinema