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Cine Star

Cinestar is a multifaceted versatile cinema opened in Lahore as state-of-the-art entertainment for Lahori’s. Cinestar is an exclusive cinema that is located inward t  of Lahore. The location of cinema mostly attracts crowds from around residential places like Township, Johar Town, Model Town, Garden Town, Canal View and some other adjoining areas.  Cinestar Lahore has become a magnetic point for movie watchers from last few years. Especially, the inclusion of recent technology of 3D IMAX in cinema. In regular days this cinema plays three shows but on any festival they play greater than three shows. The cinema is currently operating in three different aspect of technology .Giving combat experience to movie lovers.

The cinema has around 400 seats in each hall. Cinestar  shifted the ticket booth and cafeteria inside the cinema and it looks just amazing now. The décor inside is refurbished with modern technology and luxuries. The place is now perfectly amazing for clicking some selfies with friends and family after or before watching movie. You can see very good display of framed film posters for showing movies and for upcoming movies which is good treat for the eyes.

Ticket Price

2D Movie – Rs 400 per person

3D Movie – Rs 500 per person

3D Glasses for Digital Movie (additional charges)

Rs 200 (disposable- customers can utilize the same glasses on their next visit.)

Cinestar IMAX- Rs 1000(including the glasses, which you have to return to the staff once the show is over.)

Movie with Cinestar :

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Cine Star

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