Which Cinema Would You Like To Visit?

DHA  cinema

The place originally built in 2001 for plays and theater; DHA cinema came into being in the year 2001 when the locality required a cinema. At first it was used as an auditorium but later on the cinema was initiated. The cinema has a huge built because of it at first being a place for theater thus it has a huge sitting space. The seats are extremely comfortable and spacy. Another thing about the seats is that they're adjustable and some of them are reclining as well. The location is another prime reason why people from across the city make their way to the DHA cinema Lahore. Located next to LUMS in R block DHA Lahore the cinema is at the safest of the places even for a late night show.

The technology used at the cinema is of top notch quality. The cinema has a 3d screen for the 3D movies and the Dolby stereo sound technology makes the cinema a great place for the people to enjoy the top Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood release. The cinema quality has usually been praised by the masses and for majority people it is the best 3D screen across Lahore. You can feel yourself a part of the whole film. You feel reality during the whole film!

Another major element that every takes in consideration at a cinema is the food that you buy! Here you have a great variety of options from crisps to nachos and all sorts of snacks which include sausages sandwich, burgers and French fries. You can get your favorite drinks which includes soft drinks and juices at very nominal prices at the cinema.

The best part people consider about the cinema from Lahore is the variety of shows that you can get at the cinema. We usually see one movie dominating a cinema across the day but at this very place you'd get to see 4 different shows in a day's time. This cinema offers to you all movies from the Pakistani cinema, across the border and from the Hollywood as well.

The cinema strives to play a major role in the revival of the Pakistani cinema. It plays all the latest Pakistani films. The cinema plans to support the revival of Pakistan's cinema and hopes to take the local industry to another level of pride and glory! So what are you waiting for? Visit DHA cinema Lahore for the latest local as well as international films. Located in the prime area of DHA Lahore you'd definitely not have an issue accessing the cinema. For further convenience instead of going to the DHA cinema book your online tickets using bookme.pk application or website to get the tickets of the latest movies on your doorstep.

DHA Cinema