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Faisal Movers:

Faisal movers have had a long history in the field of transportation sector of Pakistan. The company has had a long tenure serving the masses of Pakistan. In 2003 the founder members of the company laid foundation of Faisal movers' express bus service. This came into being with a lot of prior hard work which was performed by the company. The primary aim of the company was to provide service of transportation to the general public all across Pakistan. The bus service journey of Faisal movers started from a basic transportation between two small cities of Pakistan, Sargodha and Multan. The Multan terminal was located next to the CSD and the staff of Faisal movers was always present there to assist the customers using the transportation service. The staff of Faisal movers plays a major in making the journey comfortable for the passengers by helping them and assisting them throughout the journey. The company had a major demand increase over the time and the company was requested by the customers to increase the fleet of buses. Another major request from the customer end was to increase the bus routes to various parts of the country which currently was not being met by Faisal movers. Later on the terminals were increased in number and new buses were incorporated in the system by the company. The major chunk of customers required Faisal movers Lahore to start its direct bus service to Faisal movers Islamabad terminal. The company had to meet the rising customer demand from the twin city as well as Lahore and introduced a five hour journey from using the motorway.

The trip fare of Faisal movers was lesser than other companies providing similar services across Pakistan and the quality of trip was top notch. Many major corporate sector firms joined hands with Faisal movers to use their transportation service for their employees and it was a great moment of joy for the company to serve these clients over various routes.

Another area of diversification for Faisal movers is the cargo service it provides all across Pakistan. They provide cargo service to all companies across Pakistan especially to the fertilizer manufacturing companies.

Currently Faisal movers is operating in Lahore, Islamabad, Murree, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Okara, Sahiwal, Multan, D.G Khan, Bahawalpur, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan and Muzzafargarh.

As for now Faisal movers plan to expand its services to Baluchistan in coming times. The primary city which requires its services are Quetta, Sibi and Gawadar. These areas have been untapped by the major transportation firms due to poor security conditions in Baluchistan however Faisal movers plans to expand its network.

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