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Luxus grand cinema

Luxury cinema at the second floor of the hotel Luxus presents to you the best state of the art movie experience in the city. With Dolby stereo surround sound the whole experience is beyond words! Luxus grand cinema has been a go to place for anyone and everyone looking forward to watch movies in the city when it comes to premium experience. Lahore has numerous cinemas which offer movies to be seen but with time to time we get to see a new big name in town. Luxus grand cinema Lahore has much more to offer than just a film. The experience is ravishing and beyond words in quality. It's a complete package from the seating to the eatery to the time you spend with your loved ones. Let's look at the facilities, grand cinema show times and films that are played at the luxus grand!

From the times that we saw with cinemas of the likes of Nishat to this day and age where we get to see movies alongside our family; the culture is growing. Pakistan is growing as a country for the cinema industry!

What is an ultimate cinema experience? Good film? NO. A great cinema experience is the ambiance backed by great food alongside with a great sound system attached at the cinema which is also backed by a crowd which enjoys every minute of the film! This is what an ultimate cinema experience is like. Located in the central floor of Luxus hotel Lahore, the cinema offers premium quality and experience. What we have experienced as critiques is great ambiance backed by a great Dolby digital sound system. What can you find to eat at the cinema also really makes a whole difference of the entire movie experience! You'd get everything from burgers, French fries, cold drinks, juices, burritos and nachos. So what else does one want? A great cinema with all the desired facilities and a number of screens backed by quality ambiance also surround sound system makes this a got to place for watching films with your friend's family and children. If we talk about the seating at the cinema, it's top notch. Nothing beats the reclining seats of the cinema which you can adjust according to your choice and simply sit in all ease to watch a film. The cinema angels are brilliant and no matter what place you're sitting at you'd get to see the cinema screen with the ultimate clarity.

So Lahore, what are you waiting for? Get your movie tickets at the luxus grand cinema and get the opportunity to experience something like never before! Plan a cinema booking for yourself using Pakistan's number one e-ticketing portal Bookme.pk and get the complete experience from movie to food and much more.What movies should you watch? Look at the grand cinema show times and get to know what lollywood, bollywood and Hollywood films are on offer. So quality time has to wait no more because luxus grand cinema Lahore is there to serve the need of entertainment!

Luxus grand cinema