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War for the Planet of the Apes 2017

Release Date 14 Jul, 2017

Country USA
Year 2017-07-14
Category Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Release Date Jul 14, 2017
Director Matt Reeves
Cast Judy Greer,Woody Harrelson,Andy Serkis
Producer N.A


7 Ranking
120 Minutes
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A nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar becomes embroiled in a battle with an army of humans.
Matt Reeves - USA

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Cinestar Township
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Gold 3D

Tue, 25 Jul 7:30 PM 600/ticket
Centaurus Cineplex
Date Time Price (/ticket)

Cinema 3 3D

Tue, 25 Jul 7:00 PM 700/ticket
Super Cinema Vogue Tower
Date Time Price (/ticket)

3D Hall 600

Tue, 25 Jul 6:30 PM 600/ticket
Cinepax: Fortress Square
Date Time Price (/ticket)

Screen 1 2D

Tue, 25 Jul 11:30 PM 500/ticket
Imperial Cinema
Date Time Price (/ticket)

IMP 1 3D

Tue, 25 Jul 7:20 PM 500/ticket
Cinestar Xinhua Mall
Date Time Price (/ticket)

Xinhua Mall 2D

Tue, 25 Jul 10:00 PM 800/ticket
Universal Cinema lahore
Date Time Price (/ticket)

Screen 2 Regular

Tue, 25 Jul 8:45 PM 500/ticket

Screen 2 Regular Premium

Tue, 25 Jul 8:45 PM 600/ticket

Screen 9 Gold

Tue, 25 Jul 10:30 PM 1000/ticket


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