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Wrong No 2

Release Date 05 Jun, 2019

Country Pakistan
Year 2019-06-05
Category Romance
Release Date Jun 05, 2019
Director Yasir Nawaz
Cast Javed Sheikh, Neelam Muneer, Sami khan
Producer Yasir Nawaz, Nadia Yasir, Hassan Zia


6.0 Ranking
120 Minutes
0 Points


The story moves around Zoya a young rich girl falls for a middle class boy. Knowing that Zoyas businessman father would never accept a lesser status son-in-law, the love birds elope. Meanwhile Mehboob, a middle class clerk in the struggle of making both ends meet, gets caught in the confusion as the love interest of Zoya. Now, the couple along with Mehboob in their process of untangling the confusions, end up in further puzzled situations. The true love has to not only overcome the obstacles on its way but also find a way to conquer hearts.
Yasir Nawaz - Pakistan

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