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This year we've seen the biggest revolution in the transport sector of Pakistan. The Volvo buses have been launched by Q-connect which are a power house in itself for people looking for premium traveling between Lahore and Islamabad. The best thing that could ever happen to Pakistan is here. The Volvo buses are a whole amazing travel experience in themselves. The connect bus have a two way route from Lahore to Islamabad and Islamabad to Lahore. These buses are equipped with all the latest technology. What does it have? Let's quickly look at the 5 star bus travelling experience from Twin city to the heart of Lahore.

The bus is a 21 seat capacity which has the premium state of the art seats are comfortable beyond words..

Another Major advantage the bus has is the on the bus washroom. So now there's no need to stop at Behra and use the motorway rest room. We have for you the washroom on the bus. .

Another part of the bus Loved by everyone is the extremely good food on the bus. There's Chinese food, fast food and extremely scrumptious Thai food served on the bus.

The bus service has a 21 inch screen in front of every seat and the seat is powered with a satellite television which has access to all international as well as local channels. So now on the go you can watch your favorite films. You can watch the English premier league and cricket on the go! There's a gaming console with each television which you can use to play a video game throughout the 5 hour journey.

Want to stay connected to the internet during the journey? There's WiFi service on the bus. Now you can use whatsApp, Facebook and your entire favorite internet based applications on the go. Stay connected to the world..

There's extremely delicious coffee and tea served on the bus by the staff on the bus. They're extremely helpful and they provide you with all the help throughout the journey.

The 21 seats bus is an exclusive way of travelling from Lahore to Islamabad. The trip costs Rs.3300/ a side and is the most ultimate journey from Lahore to Islamabad. So if now you're looking for a good travelling experience get on-board and experience something beyond words. The bus departs from Lahore fortress stadium and the stop in Islamabad is Peshawar Mor. So quality travelers here's your chance to have the most comfortable travelling experience from Lahore to the twin city.

Stop worrying about the hustle and bustle across the city and get on board with Q-connect. So what are you waiting for? Book your Connect tickets using Pakistan's number one online ticketing forum Bookme.pk. Visit the website or use the application to get your tickets on your doorstep.

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