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Skyways bus service

Skyways bus service started operations across Pakistan in 1990 with the major aim to provide the masses a daily transpiration from one city to another. It's the Pakistan's largest intercity transportation service. There are total 150,000 departures daily across Pakistan of the buses and the system operates smoothly across the country.

The best part about the bus service the fact that it's got very nominal rates and the general opinion of people is that it's a very comfortable experience. Around 54 million people on annual basis use the service to travel across the country. The best part is the reach of the bus in not just the urban but the rural areas of Pakistan and it connects the major cities with the small towns. This gives a major exposure to people carrying out business in small town across Pakistan.

For this passage of time the bus service covers a vast area across Pakistan. In the major cities and areas of Sindh, Punjab and KPK the service is available in most of the cities and town while in Baluchistan a few towns are covered. The best part about the service is the punctuality and the timings which are always accurate and the safety across of travelling in a top notch environment.

There are 125 bus fleet of the company and 120 shelters where they park their buses. The travel experience is beyond words. Quality food is served during the journey and there's complimentary soft drinks and mineral water available throughout the journey.

The ultimate travel experience in very affordable costs is what the service plans to give to the general population of the country. There are LCD's in all the buses and the best part about the experience is that they play your favorite latest movies so you can enjoy the trip without getting bored sitting in the same position for long distances. Another brilliant part about the travel experience is the staff which is very helping throughout the journey. They provide you with the food and the soft drinks throughout the journey. Another major role they play is to help you throughout the journey by letting you know the time left to reach the particular destination. Start travelling around Pakistan and never get lost using the ultimate travel experience of Pakistan. So what are you waiting for? Start booking your bus traveling tickets of Skyways bus service using the bookme.pk application. A one shop for all those who want to book their travelling tickets, cinema tickets and hotel reservation under one umbrella. So don't wait and get your bookings done using the application or the website and get your tickets on your door step as early as you like.

Skyways bus service