5 Best Hotels in Islamabad

Islamabad being the most beautiful city of Pakistan attracts a lot of visitors every year. Since not everyone is visiting family members or does not want to bother a paternal aunty, it is best to know the best hotels one can book in Islamabad. Instead of depending on the suggestions from your friends and family members, go through this brief blog to know about the best hotel options picked by experts. Put your reading glasses on and dive in!

Top Hotels in Islamabad

The following are the best options one can book for their Islamabad stay: 

Hotel One Jinnah I-9

For those who want to experience Islamabad to the fullest, Hotel One in Jinnah I-9 is one of the best hotels in Islamabad. If you are a fan of hotel room ambiance, this hotel provides one of the best experiences. Clean and cozy rooms come with two single-seat sofas, a king-size bed to make you feel like a king, a coffee table, a dressing mirror, and at least one TV. 

If you are on a business trip and want to host meetings, a room in Hotel One Jinnah I-9 can be the perfect place. Also, the location of this hotel allows you easy access to key locations in Islamabad. Hotel One offers a complimentary breakfast every morning which is another plus. Everything considered, it is a decent hotel option one can choose with many facilities and somewhat reasonable prices. 

Avari Xpress Islamabad

Avari is a popular name in the Pakistani hospitality business market with a reputation for being one of the best in the country. Equally popular among travelers and hotel guests, this hotel offers high-quality rooms, amazing food experiences, and so much more. A garden inside the hotel is a nice change from the concrete fortresses of other hotels. Avari Xpress does not have a swimming pool inside but the hotel does offer a gym for you to not miss out on your workout. 

Rooms and dining halls have a very unique vibe compared to many other popular options out there. This hotel is perfectly suitable for hosting business meetings and events. The dining experience, food, and cuisine at the hotel are truly phenomenal. What really sets Avari Xpress apart is that it brings you an experience comparable to the best of hotels at comparatively low prices. 

Best Western Premier Hotel

Best Western Premier Hotel is a part of the international chain named Best Western International. And the standard of hospitality offered at this hotel is exactly what you would expect from an international hotel or even exceeding your expectations. Rooms are equipped with all the essentials you need for a relaxing stay. On top of that, all 112 rooms are clean and neat, and give off Instagrammable vibes. 

This hotel is located on Club Road near Rawal Dam Interchange. You can drive to scenic views of Rawal Dam and Daman e Koh. Exciting features of this hotel include a gymnasium for workouts and a spa for relaxing. Also, there’s a free full complimentary breakfast you can enjoy. However, the stay in this hotel is a little on the pricier side. It is highly recommended that you make use of the offered discounts on Bookme. 

Hotel Ramada by Wyndham Islamabad

Hotel Ramada is one of many hotels from the popular international chain of Wyndham hotels. This hotel is in the perfect position to explore the city or enjoy the scenic views of the peaceful surroundings. On the days when you don’t want to set foot inside the city, there are plenty of fun activities for you to do in the hotel. There’s an indoor swimming pool, spa, salon, free Wi-Fi, restaurants, and more. 

The rooms of this hotel are second to none either. All rooms have a master bed and sofas for the occupants among other essentials. Like all other luxury hotels, you get coffee and tea facilities available in every room. Plus, you get a complimentary fruit basket on top of a free nutritious breakfast. All this luxury comes at a generous budget, but booking through Bookme can help you save.

Islamabad Marriott Hotel

If you are in for unmatched luxury in Islamabad, Marriott Hotel in Islamabad is arguably one of the best options available. A spa, gym, swimming pool, high-speed internet, and a ton of other amenities are accessible to guests at Marriott. Everything about this 5-star hotel speaks of the luxury that you’d expect from the world’s biggest hotel chain (in terms of available rooms). 

Food, quality of service, and ambiance, everything about this hotel is in a league of its own. Rooms are lavish with king-size beds, tables, desks, sofas, and more (depending on the type of room you book). Marriott’s yummy complimentary breakfast is a solid enough reason to book a room when visiting Islamabad. 

All these hotels are available on our website with exclusive discounts. Go check out the prices and have a memorable stay in Islamabad.