Funds Detail

Rearts in collaboration with Sweet Tooth present REMIX is a youth-oriented music and arts festival that aims to celebrate music in all its forms and genres. It aims to present finely curated contemporary artists in settings that engages the youth in arts and culture through music, and inspires them to think and celebrate our rich heritage. REMIX revolves around the idea of traditions that make connections, threads that binds us together, to create an eco-friendly experience promoting peace and equality. We want to curate a safe and accessible space to build an audience that support music in public places. The 2-day festival will bring musicians, artists, policymakers, practitioners, writers for talks and panel discussions. Evenings will be for concerts and music. REMIX is open to women and girls only. Artist Lineup Bilal Saeed Abdullah Qureshi Naseer Afridi Bayaan Kashmir Zoha Zuberi Fake Shamans Dhool Amal Nadeem PRESS X Ramsha Jalal Malaika Mueen One Pass is Valid for both days of the festival
Following is the detail of budget allocated

Shelters Suits Goal Suits Donated Total Cost
Social Security Hospital, Multan Road 500 0 175000
Shalimar Hospital 500 0 175000
Jinnah Hospital 500 0 175000
Mazang Hospital 500 0 175000
Ganga Ram Hospital 500 0 175000
Childrens Hospital 500 0 175000
Gulab Devi Hospital 500 0 175000
General Hospital 500 0 175000
Mayo Hospital 500 0 175000
Services Hospital 500 0 175000
Sheikh Zayed Hospital 500 0 175000
Punjab Institude of Cardiology 500 0 175000
Total 6000/- 0/- 2100000/-