Anyone who is eager to celebrate the best of this halloween, we have 5 best places to celebrate halloween which will spice up your halloween spookiness. These places have a peculiar sense of culture which radiates the true gothic vibes. 


Mexico is famous for its The Day of the Dead, this festival makes Mexico the most desired place for all the halloween fans and lovers. Although this is celebrated a little later on after halloween but this is the main reason why people visit Mexico for halloween.

This is celebrated on 2nd of November every year and the concept of departed souls coming back to this world to meet their loved ones. Usually people decorate sugar skulls with attractive and colorful patterns. People decorate graveyards,light up candles and dress up in spooky dresses. Hotel Casa Antonieta, a monastery of San Pablo, is the oldest building in Oaxaca which serves as the place for the locals to stay. Hence, you can stay here while enjoying the mesmerizing halloween night in Mexico. Make your flight bookings online and set off to Mexico.

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

The worth watching thing during Halloween is the fireworks display in Londonderry . Every year on Halloween, Londonderry experiences a series of heavy fireworks. It is mesmerizing to enjoy the spookiness of Halloween in Northern Ireland and the credits goes to the city of Londonderry. Stay in the town to enjoy the gothic parades all around the city and Palace Street Apartments is the place worth visiting.


Salem, USA

This city is located on the North Coast of Massachusetts, famous for its witch trials. In 1962, several locals were executed for practicing witchcraft.

These days this town has plenty of museums representing the art and memorials of the women who died during the witch hunts. This shows the dark side of the city but you can find some lighter side of the town as the month of October is all about festivals like Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo. All these festivals come to an end with Salem Witches Halloween Ball at Hawthorne Hotel. This Salem Witches Halloween Ball is also known as the festival of the dead. This is the biggest Halloween party with music, prizes and powerful rituals.


Edinburgh, Scotland

With all the horror fantasy stories and witchy architecture of Edinburg is good for the impressive Halloween parties. One of the most popular places which is famous for its ghosts and witches appearances, Dalhousie Castle Hotel is a 13th century hotel famous for Hollywood ghost characters like the Grey Lady. Management there will make sure that you won’t miss any kind of opportunity to experience the horror. Another famous character, a dead resident, Sir Alexander who was starved to death by the owner of the castle in 1342.


Los Vegas, USA

If you wanna enjoy Halloween with its true essence, Los Vegas must be on your list. This Sin city has so much to show you including lavish costumes. Must visit the fancy costume shops and pick the one which depicts you. The nightclubs and casinos there are full of thrill and action with different contests and prizes. Furthermore, you will witness different parades, haunted houses and yummiest cocktails with fine dining.