6 Best Places in Pakistan to Spend Winter Vacations

When it comes to destinations for winter vacations, Pakistan has plenty of exciting hill stations, some of the tallest peaks that stay covered in snow throughout the year, glacial lakes, skiing resorts, historical forts, and so much more. The best part is that there is an exciting destination for you to visit no matter if you have a generous budget or a tight one. The weather at these destinations varies from pleasant to the type of weather that makes you wear multiple layers. 

In this blog, you can learn about some of the best places for spending your winter vacation. Not only have we covered the names and details of places but also what type of scenic views you can capture, amenities you get at those locations, some info on the best routes, and more. In short, this blog is your ultimate guide for this upcoming vacation season. You can even book fully managed trips to northern areas with Bookme to avoid the hassle of making travel and lodging arrangements. A good thing about trips with Bookme is the fact that they are on the budget-friendlier side without compromises.

6 Places You Should Explore in Winters 

The following are the top places you should add to your bucket list for your next winter break:


Murree is one of the most popular hill stations in the country. This city also happens to be one of the oldest tourist attractions as well. So, it had to be on top of the list. The ease of accessibility to this hill station contributes significantly to its popularity. If you live near Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you can make a trip and return on the same day since it's only around 65 kilometers away from Islamabad. In other words, the drive won’t take you longer than one and a half hours. So, making the trip is quite budget-friendly.

Not just the people from the twin cities visit Murree, but people from all over Pakistan visit this place. Sometimes you can even spot foreigners in Murree casually strolling on Mall Road. For a tourist attraction with all the amenities like major cities, it is no surprise that people visit Murree throughout the year. You will find many popular food and hotel chains in this city adding to the convenience of visitors. 

During winter months, the temperature drops in Murree and the city gets covered under a layer of snow. But the temperature usually does not get too harsh and is on the milder side for the most part. This city in Pir Panjal Range has plenty of scenic views where you can take Instagrammable photos. The only thing that some tourists may not like about Murree is that it gets too crowded, especially during the Winter. For those looking for a peaceful escape close to nature, it may be better to take a trip to other places mentioned in this blog. 

Nathia Gali

If you travel for almost two hours further via Abbottabad Road, you will reach Nathia Gali. It is another popular destination in Abbottabad district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This hill station is in close proximity to Murree but it is less crowded and fairly views. If you visit this place during summer, you can enjoy hiking. But during Winter, the temperature drops to minus eight degrees Celsius making it very very cold. 

The views from Nathia Gali with its lush green meadows are breathtaking. From Nathia Gali, you can visit places nearby like Donga Gali, Ghora Gali, Jhika Gali, Samundar Katha Lake, and Namli Maira waterfall. Even if you plan on staying in Nathia Gali, there is plenty to explore like historic churches and Nathia Gali’s popular bazaar.

Swat Valley

Swat Valley is often called the “Switzerland of the East” and not without reason. The natural scenery, local culture, hospitable people, and serenity make it one of the best places to visit during Winter. Swat has plenty of places you can visit including Malam Jabba, Kalam, Miandam, Swat Museum, and Bahrain City. 

Kalam is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the Swat Valley. It is 2000 meters above sea level. You will find lush green valleys and scenic Mahodand Lake and Kandol Lake. Also, Ushu Forest is worth setting out during your time at Swat. Plenty of hotels are in Kalam Valley where you can have a comfortable stay. 

If you travel 50 kilometers from Swat Valley, you will reach Malam Jabba. This place is home to one of the biggest ski resorts in the area. So, if you are fond of skiing, you know where to go from Swat Valley. You can travel 6 more kilometers from Malam Jabba to reach a small resort called Miandam. This destination is full of views that will make you take out your camera. Plus, this location is very well-suited for hiking. 

For those who are more fond of history than going downhill accelerating on their skis or the physical exercise of hiking, Swat Museum is a place to visit. You will find relics from civilizations that date back to 3,500 BC, truly fascinating. The museum has nine galleries where history is preserved and to be witnessed again.  

Madyan and Bahrain are two other exciting tourist destinations in the Swat Valley. Madyan is 60 Km from Swat and is a beautiful place to visit. The Madyan waterfall is one of the key attractions in this city. At just 10 kilometers from Madyan, you can explore another city with breathtaking views called Bahrain, not to be confused with the country of Bahrain which has the same name. 

Bahrain is named after the two rivers. The city is at the junction of the river Daral and Swat. You will hear the sound of fast-flowing rivers through the city. And the views will make you take out your camera. 

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is one of the most popular destinations for honeymoons but that does not mean singles cannot experience its beauty. Only 20 kilometers from Muzaffarabad is Neelum Valley. If you visit the valley during summer, the temperature is pleasant. But during the winter season, the temperature drops to around 0 degrees. So, you better pack those extra sweaters and bomber jackets after you make all the other arrangements on your own or book a Neelum tour with Bookme

The valley has lush green forests, beautiful lakes, multiple hill stations, and beautiful mountains in the backdrop. Make sure you have multiple days to explore the valley because every destination is unique and worth capturing with your camera. On your journey to Neelum Valley, you can explore Patheka where many hotels are located. You can trek through the forest under the shade of trees on both sides. Dhani waterfall is another place to visit only 30 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. So, there’s no reason for you to not visit this beautiful waterfall. 

Lakes in Neelum Valley are some of the best one can find. You can visit Rati Gali Lake and Lake Banjosa. Rati Gali Lake is calm, peaceful, and beautiful to say the least. It is highly recommended to explore the picturesque beauty of this mass of water. Lake Banjosa is an artificial lake but is magnificent when it comes to the views it holds for tourists. 

Kel and Arrang Kel are some other amazing places to visit in the Neelum Valley of Azad Jammu Kashmir. Like the whole of Neelum Valley, the views are breathtaking. Even though you can see the Nanga Parbat after a three-hour stroll to an excellent view. 

The list of exciting destinations goes on but another place to explore is Sharda Valley. It is a walkable place and is highly recommended to experience. Another place worth visiting is Pir Chinasi. Named after Pir Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari which is also a popular shrine at this location. 

Plenty of other exciting places are in the Neelum valley which you can conveniently visit with Bookme tours. 


If you are up for an adventure to explore the northern areas of Pakistan, Skardu is a place you should add to your bucket list. Skardu Valley is in the east of the northern Gilgit-Baltistan region and at an altitude of 2,230 above sea level. The city is situated right along the Indus and Shigar rivers. The best time to visit Skardu is from June to September. Another exciting thing about the city is that it is home to the second-highest peak in the world, K2. An easy way for you to set on a trip to Skardu is by booking a trip with Bookme.  

You can either travel to Skardu by air or by road. For those who are more fond of reaching their destination fast, catching a plane is the best way forward. But for those who love road trips and relish every stop on the journey, hitting the road is a much better option.

The type of experience you get in Skardu depends on when you are traveling to the city. For example, if you go there in March, you will get to experience cherry blossoms with trees covered in pink. And if you travel there in the peak of winter, you will see everything covered in the blanket of snow. 

When you are in Skardu, it is highly recommended to visit the Katpana desert. It is a cold desert. Yes, you have heard it right. This high-altitude desert has mild temperatures during the summer and has temperatures dropping to -17 degrees during winter. The sand dunes get covered in a layer of snow. 

Apart from the cold desert, you can visit two forts in Skardu named Kharpocho Fort and Shigar Fort. You can live in Shigar Fort by booking rooms in Serena Shigar Fort. After spending time at the rocky forts, you can set out on the grassy lawns of Deosai National Park. 

There are plenty of beautiful lakes in the vicinity of Skardu Valley. The list of lakes you can visit includes Upper Kachura Lake, Lower Kachura Lake, Satpara Lake, Basho Valley Lake, Katura Lake, and others. It is highly advisable to at least visit two or three of these lakes on your trip. 


Why should anyone visit Hunza? Because it has one of the highest mountains, bluest lakes, and some of the most hospitable people. Every year, Hunza Valley attracts thousands of tourists both local and international. One of the chief attractions of the valley is Attabad Lake. But it gets frozen during the winter and is better experienced during the summer. However, when you book a tour to Hunza with Bookme, you can make the most out of your journey with all the exciting stops along the way. 

With temperatures dropping to -30 degrees, many tourist attractions are inaccessible during the winter season. For example, you cannot visit the Chinese border during winter. Passu Cones and Passu Glacier are also not open to tourists during the winter season. 

Hunza Valley has two historic forts called Altit Fort and Baltit Fort. Make sure to at least visit one of them. Other places you can see in Hunza are Ultar Sar and Lady Finger Peak. If you want to take a break from the mountains, you can take a stroll through Karimabad Bazar. You will find local handicrafts, embroidered caps, amazing shawls, and even semi-precious gemstones. In other words, it is the perfect place to get gifts to bring back from Hunza for your loved ones.


So these are some of the most beautiful places in northern areas one can visit during the winter season. We hope this blog helps you pick the place you will be visiting on your next vacation. When making preparations, make sure to check out our tours covering multiple amazing places.