8 Tips on How to Get Cheap Flights

Whether you are traveling for work, studies, or vacation, some extra savings are always nice to have, right? Especially, when the expense of the trip is already going to be quite expensive. In that case, cheap flight tickets can make a substantial difference to your overall trip’s budget. You will be surprised to know how much of a price difference you can get on ticket prices. But to get those savings, you need to follow some easy tips mentioned in this blog. 

The best thing about the tips mentioned below is the fact that we being the biggest ticketing platform in Pakistan can tell you that these tips work. Making use of such tips can help you get discounted flights with Bookme and even other ticketing platforms. 

Put your reading glasses on and take a dive into this blog to learn how to get cheap flight tickets for your next trip: 

Fly on Weekdays Not Weekends

The prices of tickets can vary greatly depending on the selected day of your flight. You have to understand when demands for flight tickets are high, the prices go up. And generally people like to travel on weekends. So, doing the opposite can help you save money. If you don’t need to travel urgently, it is highly advisable to avoid the weekend and travel on a weekday.

Be Flexible with Your Flying Schedule

When you choose a specific day to fly to your next destination, you can end up with limited options. For example, you may only find available flights with airlines on the pricier side. Or you may only get inflated flight tickets because of their high demands at the time of purchase. But when the priority is to save money, it is best to be flexible with your flight dates. 

This way, you are open to more options. If tickets are too expensive on one day, you can check the prices for another day of the week. The more flexible you are, the better it is when it comes to savings. 

Compare Flights with Bookme

On Bookme.pk website, you get to compare multiple flight options from different airlines along with the time of departure and ticket prices. Visiting our website saves you from the hassle of researching individual airlines. And the best part is that prices on Bookme app and website are lower thanks to exclusive discounts. So, make sure to check out flight tickets on Bookme before your next trip. Book Flights Well in Advance

Booking your flights weeks or months before the time of departure is another amazing trick for cheap tickets. Some say it is best to book tickets 6 to 8 weeks before the departure date while others advise to book as early as 6 months before the date of departure. Generally, it is best to go with early bookings because flights get more expensive approaching departure. 

Fly at Unpopular Times

Sometimes taking a flight at an unpopular time can help you save. If you compare two flights scheduled at 9:00pm and 6:00am on the same day, chances are that the latter flight will be more budget-friendly. This simple trick does not even require you to book flights weeks or months before. So, it is something you can try quite easily when boarding your next plane. 

Avoid Traveling During Peak Season

The frequency of flights throughout the year is not the same to a specific destination. There is a peak season and an off season. As the name suggests, peak season is when a destination gets a lot of flights. Off season is when people are less likely to travel to a destination. You can do your own research to know what month is considered the peak season for a destination to avoid traveling during it. 

Explore Budget Flight Options

When the goal is to save while traveling, be open to explore budget flight options. These options do not offer the same level of luxurious experience but are light on wallet. You can easily board a plane. But do know that sometimes there may be some limitations on the baggage, etc. So, it is highly recommended that you check for any restrictions that may not be suitable for you. 

Explore Connecting Flights

Connecting flights are generally more affordable compared to direct flights. The only downside is that reaching your destination takes more time when you board flights with layovers. However, if you don’t mind the extra time, you can explore such flights. 


So, these were some easy tips that will help you board cheap flights. For further savings, you can book affordable hotels and rental cars straight from Bookme.pk. The best part is that making all these bookings is very easy, and the process won’t take longer than a day or two.