It’s been over a year since we have been able to travel without any restrictions. We all want to move around freely like there is no coronavirus in the region. Friends are missing their emergency plans for vacations to the north, families are missing out on attending a family wedding, and people in the north are missing the random talks with tourists.

Where should one go, north or south?

There is not a single best destination for those who love traveling, as every province in Pakistan has its unique attractions. There are things that we have learnt from various parts of Pakistan.

  1.  Kashmir taught us that there is a heaven on earth and it is here. Those who want to experience this heaven should move to the valleys and lakes of Kashmir. 
  2. Gilgit Baltistan has taught us that there is no call that mountains can not pick up, so we all should call the mighty Passu cones and have some Chapshuro at Rakaposhi hotel
  3. There is no greater place for adventure than KPK, which has taught us that there is no better place for explorers and adventurers. Why would anyone want to miss out on the thrills that KPK has to offer? 


South is not less than the north

  • The south is not less than the north, Punjab has taught us that a colourful life is a life worth living. No one should miss out on the vibrant life that Punjab has to offer. 
  • Well, how can we forget Sindh, the civilization's hub, which has taught us there are no questions about ancient civilizations that Sindh cannot answer.


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