A Peek into How Bookme Successfully Concluded FIFA Qualifier at Jinnah Stadium

It is no secret that Pakistan has longed for international sports events coming to the country. Watching sports on television is one thing but going to the stadium with your friends or family and cheering your team from the stands is a whole another experience. To bring that bliss to the sports loving people of Pakistan, Bookme has worked tirelessly with Pakistan Cricket Board over the years working with multiple PSL editions and international series. Not to mention, a complete Asia Cup tournament with both Pakistan and Sri Lanka leg of matches. But this time, we geared up a FIFA World Cup Qualifier Match. 

FIFA World Cup Qualifier A New Adventure for Bookme

A new opportunity came through our partnership with Pakistan Football Federation upon the announcement that a Pakistan versus Cambodia match was scheduled on the 17th of October at Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad. With the limited number of days we had, our tech, creative, and marketing teams worked tirelessly to make this event a success. Stakes were high because it was our first experience with international football which came after a long hiatus of 8 years. 

We made this one match a priority because with less than 2 weeks at hand for preparation. All had to be done from finalizing ticket designs, making the event live on website and app, printing of physical passes, preparations for ticket validation, to training volunteers. Not to mention, the continuous marketing efforts alongside the Pakistan Football Federation to achieve maximum turnover was also to be done. Teams from different departments collaborated on all these tasks to ensure that we were fully prepared for this historic event. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of the whole adventure was the journey to Islamabad. Bookme team for the Qualifier match boarded a Subak Kharam train and had a healthy exchange of jokes and stories throughout the journey alongside necessary planning for the on-ground operations. 

A Full of Excitement Match Day

Match day was filled with excitement. The on-ground operations team revisited the strategy, discussed their roles, and set out on making this historic event enjoyable for the crowd. Our team managed the crowd of 13,000+ and made sure that everyone with a ticket gets seated and enjoys the match.  

The most exciting moment of the whole journey was when Harun Hamid scored a goal and sealed the deal for Pakistan. This one goal made Pakistan move forward to the next stage of FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers simultaneously bringing 3 more international matches to be played at home. Good news for fans because more international football is coming to Pakistan. Loud cheers of the crowd could be heard clearly from our on-spot ticket booths next to Liaquat Gymnasium. The Islamabad crowd deserves all the praise for the support they showed to the boys in green. 

After the match, merchandise was distributed to lucky winners of the daily giveaways. Photos of their smiling faces were taken to be featured on Bookme social media stories. The feedback of the spectators at the end of the event was very positive. Everyone was happy and we held our heads up high on our way back home. 

A Bright Foreseeable Future of International Football in Pakistan

At this event, Mukbil Shah, head of Islamabad Football Club, said that he hasn’t seen this much crowd for a football match since 1989 in Pakistan. With more international football matches coming to Pakistan, football fans will have plenty of occasions to enjoy this amazing sport from the stands.