After being nominated amongst the top travel destinations in the world, Pakistan has recently emerged as a magnet for tourism, especially the north side. From lush green valleys of Naran to snow capped peaks of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan is home to one of the most diverse landscapes found on Earth. 

Driving on the grand trunk road and later the Karakoram Highway, travelling upwards from the port city of Karachi, you experience a range of cultures and languages. Something else that changes greatly which often goes unnoticed is the local cuisine. Tourists, especially those from central or southern Pakistan prefer to eat their native cuisines hence looking for restaurants that offer Karahi and Biryani.  

However, we have come up with a list of delicacies from Northern Pakistan that are too good to be missed on your next trip. We should warn you the following content may whet your appetite and to satisfy these hunger pangs you can  book your trip to your dream destination right from the vacations tab in the Bookme mobile app. 

Trout Fish

The first thing that comes to one's mind when talking about trout is the Kunhar River Trout. A speciality of the Naran valley, the kunhar river trout has now become a tourist favourite. Multiple restaurants offer grilled and fried varieties of trout that they catch and season it to perfection with their secret masala. 


A common street food found all around the world in Pakistani restaurants is Shinwari. However the authentic shinwari style karahi and other foods are only available in specific restaurants of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and surrounding regions. The reason why many regard it as the best meat to eat is that it is cooked in sheep fat and only green chillies and salt are used for seasoning.

Chapli Kabab

Another Pakistani street food famous amongst international and local communities is the Chapli Kabab. Namak Mandi Peshawar is seen as one the most renowned and acclaimed spots to try these fried minced meat patties. Don't forget to ask for a little mint chutney!


Also known as Mantu, this is an authentic Balti dish originating from Gilgit Baltistan. These dumplings filled with chopped meat and steam fried in a multi layered steamer is surely one that will tantalise your taste buds and not raise your cholesterol. Served with traditional sauces, the experience ends up being unforgettable.

Walnut Cake

A critically acclaimed cake that has given the high priced bakeries of metropolitans a run for their money, this cake is available on pre orders in Karimabad Bazaar of Hunza. Honey, flour and walnuts fused together and baked to perfection do not only taste good but have plenty of health benefits. Enjoy it on a balcony overlooking the Hunza valley with a cup of tea and we assure you the experience will be etched in your mind forever. 

Chap Shoro

This is another one for your best things to eat while in Hunza travel diary. Also known as the Hunza Pie, minced beef is stuffed between two flatbreads made of whole wheat. Brushed with Apricot oil and served with the same as a dip, it is a favourite for tourists and locals both.

Dao Dao Soup

We can guarantee, you will never find a soup so good in your favourite cafe. Made with handmade noodles and organic ingredients, it is served in bowls made of clay which alleviates the entire experience. It has a tangy taste to it which is nicely complemented by the freshly prepared noodles. The contrast between the two will leave you asking for more. For one of the best experiences, visit Karimabad Bazaar and ask for Laal Shehzaadi’s restaurant. 


Served as either grilled or barbecued, this meat is not for the faint hearted. Regarded by some as the best meat to eat, this is different from your traditional Pakistani restaurant barbecue. With high fat content and scrumptious meat, you need to eat it right off the grill for the best taste. It is served by coveted restaurants in Hunza as well as roadside.