A nation fond of travelling, Pakistanis are not satisfied easily when it comes to places to visit. From Murree becoming the dream destination of many by early 2000’s, and then losing its crown to Hunza some two decades later, it is an inborn urge to venture out into the wild and explore. With every passing year we observe a higher outflux of travellers, flying out of Pakistan and experiencing foreign cultures at their dream destinations.

We have come up with a list of 5 destinations Pakistanis love to travel to and they are not expensive!


Topping the list is everyone's favourite, Baku. The capital of central asian state of Azerbaijan enjoys a reputation for being a popular tourist spot globally as well. With a beautiful skyline, the culturally rich nation is known for their hospitality and friendliness towards incoming tourists. Its geographical location has allowed Baku to enjoy a very diverse population and culture. Lying on the crossroads of the ancient silk road and as a port city between Europe, Russia and Southern Asia, there is no single element more prominent than the others. Islamic architecture, European cuisines, and Soviet heritage, Baku city has it all. 

The Lahore to Baku flight time is less than 4 hours. The experiences involve enjoying the infamous Grand Prix or sitting by the roadside cafes and trying the local cuisine called pilaf. You may roam the Nizami street or enjoy the breathtaking skyline from Highland Park, the city is guaranteed to mesmerise you. There are many cheap flights from Lahore to Baku allowing a larger number of people to experience the city first hand with the cheapest flight costing under 75,000 rupees. 


You may be surprised to know, Dubai, despite becoming a connecting hub for tourists travelling through Asia, still remains part of the most travelled destinations by Pakistanis. Karachi to Dubai flight time is less than 2 and a half hours making the city accessible by many wealthy Karchiites. However, with its glitz and glamour one expects Dubai to be an expensive city and they are not wrong. With reliance on imports and very little competition, the prices are on the higher side. However there are still affordable experiences for those who seek. From experiencing the tallest building in the world to stepping inside the luxurious Burj al Arab, engineering marvels never stop. Palm Jumeirah and desert safari are amongst other tourist attractions.  

The local population is largely friendly and hospitable to the incoming tourists. You may be surprised to find a large number of south asians especially Pakistanis and Indians in Dubai which makes one wonder if they have truly left Pakistan or not (wink). The local food streets are dotted with restaurants and you will never get tired of flavours from all around the world. Karachi to Dubai flight tickets are amongst the cheapest from Pakistan, costing as low as PKR 35000, therefore another reason for it becoming the absolute favourite.


The land of Ertugrul has become another favourite for Pakistanis to visit. A dream destination for many, flights from Lahore to Istanbul are usually packed with tourists. The city lies at a junction between Asia and Europe therefore one gets to experience the best of both worlds. With beautiful architecture inspired by the ancient Ottoman empire, one simply can not get tired of this beautiful city. Istanbul in itself offers one of the best city walk experiences with places such as Taksim square becoming a major tourist destination. 

The city is separated into two by the Bosphorus strait which is 31 kilometres long. The bosphorus cruise is one of the most famous amongst the world with breathtaking views of the city and amazing cuisines to try from. The city has plenty of roadside cafes and restaurants offering local and international foods to the incoming tourists. A travel tip, be wary of the roadside ice cream stalls, sometimes eating an icecream is a tricky business. 

The flight time between Lahore and Istanbul is approximately 7 hours while the cheapest flight itself costs roughly PKR 90,000. 


Ever wondered why Maldives is famous? Well today is your lucky day because we will answer that question for you. With pristine beaches and turquoise blue water of the Indian Ocean, the place looks like a piece of heaven descended on Earth. Water sports, exotic festivals and vibrant culture this country is a dream holiday spot for those who love the outdoors. In case you are not much of an outdoors-y person, you can choose to relax in the veranda outside your resort and watch the sunset while sipping cocktails. 

The country offers various experiences in the form of cuisines which range from curry to multiple varieties of tuna. Another phenomenon that is observed on the shores of the Indian Ocean at Maldives is the Bioluminescent sea. Tourists also like to go all the way and enjoy a complete spa experience at one of the many resorts. Due to the country being a hotspot for tourists, scams are common so watch out for those trying to rip you off. 

The flight from Lahore to Male in Maldives is approximately 6 hours without any stops and costs less than PKR 95,000 if booked early. 


Thailand’s capital has long been a favourite from tourists around the world and Pakistanis are no different. The fun starts right at the airport as the Suvarnabhumi airport with its marvellous architecture is a welcoming sight. With plenty of options you will never find yourself getting bored. You may venture out at night and experience the nightlife and see the local markets famous for their cuisines which are some of the craziest in the world. Or if you are in the mood for something light you can opt for a cruise in the Chao Phraya river. Bangkok has plenty of temples and museums, all well maintained and welcoming to the tourists who often enjoy mingling with the new culture. 

The country overall and city is famous for their culture with multiple movies being shot in Bangkok. One may venture to the outskirts of the city and find beautiful waterfalls with wild animals nearby. The country is also famous for their elephant sanctuaries which are open to tourists as well. Another favourite spot is the railway market which we have all seen in plenty of Facebook videos. Flight between Bangkok and Karachi is only 5 hours, which is a major reason for families to travel and costs less than 90,000 rupees if booked nearly 60 days before travel.