With the world around us evolving into a metaverse, at a pace faster than ever, Pakistan’s startup skyline has seen a major change over the past few years. With their vigour and the will to build something new, the country has seen a shift in reliance on e-commerce businesses. One of these entrants into the industry was Bookme.pk. Starting as an online booking platform and rapidly emerging as a dependable online e-ticketing platform for Pakistanis, the brand provides an all rounded solution to all the booking needs of a consumer in the 21st century. Be it hotels,airlines or festivals, Bookme.pk is the only platform allowing you to book tickets from the convenience of your home. 

Recently, Bookme.pk has launched a cargo service which is a one of its kind service for consumers all across Pakistan. The service is a smarter and convenient way for you to connect with your loved ones and send and receive your valuables using the Bookme cargo service. With the Bookme cargo you can have your deliveries picked up from your doorstep and delivered to its destination, all under 24 hours. As unbelievable as it may sound, it will now take less than a complete day for you to send or receive your valuables. Along with this the app provides you with a smart tracking system that enables the sender to track the parcel in real time and receive updates on delivery time. Unlike competitors, Bookme’s cargo service provides you a door to door solution at the most affordable rates and is a safe and reliable mode of sending or receiving your valuables. 

The service is aimed at facilitating the countless students who reside away from their homes and often forget their valuables at home, in other cases one can use this service to send gifts or also as an extension of their e-commerce business. The service will certainly allow businesses to fulfil their promises of delivering on time. The service is a new addition to Pakistan’s express delivery services and provides the consumers with a newer option backed by the repute of an established brand name such as Bookme.pk

Previously, the brand also launched their car rental service in various cities. The service is an impressive and digitised addition to the outdated landscape of car services in Pakistan. Earlier you could use the service to rent a car in Islamabad or rent a car in Lahore, however now the brand has expanded their services greatly and now offer the car rental domain for users of many other cities including, Peshawar, Sahiwal, Gujranwala and Faisalabad. To check whether car rental is available in your city you can browse the Bookme.pk website or mobile app and book a comfortable ride of your choice at the most affordable rates.