We know what you wanted the most and we’re bringing it to you! Pakistan’s largest tech conference and expo, Future Fest 2022, is happening in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. Bookme.pk is the official ticketing partner, making it easier to book your tickets for this event. The reason Bookme collaborated with this event is the synergies, i.e; both Future Fest and Bookme is known to be the greatest window of opportunity and a place for Pakistan’s innovators to simulate their future. The event is set to stun you with its triumph on May 13, 14 and 15.

 The Ministry of Science and Technology is hosting the event, a three-day expo that will benefit individuals already working in the IT or tech sectors as well as stimulate Pakistan's younger minds. They will be allowed to carve their own path in the sectors that interest them, innovating Pakistan with turning breakthroughs that solely benefit the people of our country. 

Why attend Future Fest this year?

  • To get a concentrated dose of inspiration and fresh data-driven insights to start a business from Mr. Faizan Aslam, CEO of Bookme
  • Because Bookme's staff will be on hand to assist and accompany you during the event, making it more thrilling for you.
  • To enjoy electrifying concerts of the most popular singers of Pakistan and to join Pakistan’s top innovators to experience the future before it happens 
  • Most impactful businesses relying upon it to predict opportunities, spot trends, learn to action ideas and to thrive in post pandemic world
  • For a better kickstart, pure energy, optimism and excitement 

So, prepare yourselves to spark your imagination and to shape your future. We are giving you a chance to have it all: real joy, real tools, real skills for the future. Follow the link to book your tickets for your friends and family: https://bookme.pk/events/future-fest-2022