Gilgit Baltistan Festivals are worth experiencing, particularly for the tourists who visit the local area. It is an approach to advancing society and praising their joy with their own kin. The celebration extraordinarily advances social attachment. Large numbers of these festivals center around social or ethnic issues and attempt to elevate their practices to local area individuals. They welcome local area seniors who share stories and encounters to take part; make models to keep up with family solidarity.

Notwithstanding superb scenes, beautiful valleys and the special cordiality of its kin, Gilgit Baltistan is additionally applauded for its energetic and lively celebrations. The area praises a few sorts of territorial, social and strict celebrations consistently.

Recorded underneath are the most well known and Gilgit Baltistan celebrations in the locale, an illustration of Gilgit and Balti culture.

Shandur Polo Festival

Shandur Polo Festival is one of the main Gilgit Baltistan celebrations in Pakistan. It is held at Shandur Top from July seventh to ninth every year; the level situated on Shandur Pass is designated "the top of the world" and it interfaces Gilgit-Barr. Ghizer locale in Stan and Chitral area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory. The groups participating in the Polo Championship come from different areas of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Shandur's polo sport was presented by Skardu's Balti Raja, Ali Sher Khan Anchan, who likewise assembled the Shandur Polo Stadium. Until last year, it was the world's tallest polo arena at 12,263 feet. Presently, this distinction actually exists at Babusar, which is around 13,599 feet, and it is still in Pakistan. Starting around 1936, this celebration has been held consistently, and travelers from everywhere the nation can take part in this. Fundamentally, Shandor Polo has turned into a legend from one side of the planet to the other, and worldwide vacationers stay with it consistently. There are additionally live people music, moving and setting up camp.

Gather Festival

At the point when the yields, a couple of months prior, are prepared for reap, a celebration is held. Local people praise the yielding season to say thanks to God for his favors. With unrecorded music playing, the ranchers celebrated in the dance, and everybody imparted their satisfaction to one another through food and greetings.

Babusar Polo Festival

One more polo celebration in the district is the Babusar Polo Championship held in August consistently at the most elevated polo arena on the planet. Groups from various GB locales participate in the opposition and gave a useful encounter to guests from everywhere in the country. The celebration additionally incorporates back-and-forth rivalries, tent plunging, paragliding, photography shows, jewel shows, handiwork shows, horseback riding and huge bonfire parties.

Navroz Festival

Navroz, in some cases pronounced as Nawroz, marks the start of the Persian New Year. Despite the fact that Navroz started in old Persia, it is well known all around the world and has a nearby structure. Generally, it is commended in Gilgit-Baltistan beginning on March 21 consistently.

The festival begins promptly in the first part of the day and incorporates free polo, conventional dance and music. Conventional foods are  served all through the celebration.

Ginani Festival

This is one more yearly yield picking celebration, eagerly celebrated in Hunza and the Nagar Valley. The date of the celebration is typically the longest day of the year, June 21. The festival began the ten days of Ginani. Performers from Altit Castle played a song called Hareeps in Burushaski for ten days until Ginani Day. Upon the arrival of Al-Janani, individuals assembled in a spot called chataaq. Give wishes to the prosperity of the local area, and concentrate and cook wheat berries from the gathered wheat plants. An extraordinary dish called “Dirum Petit”.

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