Constantly looking over your shoulder and checking your bag to make sure you packed everything for the trip? The fear of venturing out into the unknown without all the essentials. How would you feel if your phone was to die on a trek and you have no way of contacting anyone? The answers to all these questions lie in a checklist that we have prepared for you. Read on and find out what are a few items you should always pack in your bag no matter how experienced you are. 

Lighter Bags

Were your bags too heavy the last time you traveled? Did they become a reason for your arms being sore? Well next time when you travel, make sure you look up the weather and culture of your destination and pack only what is needed. A jacket and a pair of denims are enough for a 3-day trip! You may also want to add a comfortable pair of shoes for when you are done hiking you can relax wearing your flip flops. 

First Aid Kit – Medicine - Prescription

Slipped on the wet rocks and need a pain killer or scraped your knee somewhere? A good first aid kit will always have your back. You may also throw in any other prescribed medicines or prescriptions for your existing medical conditions. 

Identification Documents

Your identification card or equivalents should be always on your person. Such documents do not only come in handy in an emergency but are a requirement from booking hotel rooms to renting cars. 

Power Bank

Don’t you hate it when that “5% Battery Remaining” notification pops up on your screen? Well next time you are out and about you can buy a power bank, so you never run out of juice especially when you are away from home  

A Field Watch

What if you have no reception in the middle of your trek how would you know how far you have come or what direction to head in. Field watches these days come with all sorts of gadgets, whether it is a compass or a small flashlight or in some cases the ability to send a GPS signal of your location to your emergency contacts. 

Local Currency

Planning to buy a coffee after landing or paying the taxi driver? Well instead of finding money exchanges at airports it is always better to carry some local currency with you. 

Hygiene Bag

Do you find it hard to trust hygiene bags and kits provided by airlines and hotels? If your answer is then we are in the same boat. Hence it is always safe to carry your own toothpaste and towels and brushes instead of trusting those provided by the travel companies. 


A Map

You may carry your power bank, and you may also wear your fancy field watch but what you can never beat is the help provided by one of man's age old friends, a map. You can always trust the old school methods to get you where you need to when none of the new technologies work.

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