Pakistan is the country with beautiful natural landscapes from high peaks and mesmerizing waterfalls and the most beautiful roads in Pakistan. That’s why Pakistan is ranked among the most favorite tourist spots in the world.The journey to famous and beautiful places in Pakistan is way more beautiful than the destination itself.

While traveling to these spots, you enjoy your traveling just because of the roads which are surrounded by rocky mountains and greenery all around. It could be a bit uncomfy ride but the eye-catching view from your car’s window compensates for it all. Let's walk through the most beautiful roads in Pakistan. We have curated the list of the most beautiful roads on the basis of their spectacular view.


This 583 Kilometers long national highway which is also known as N10 links Karachi to Gawadar. The best part of driving on this highway is the refreshing breeze along the shores of Arabian Sea. It passes through Balochistan and links N-25 to the Iran Border. The stunning view of the ocean along with the shadows of Agor Mountains makes it one of the most beautiful roads of Pakistan.


This road is for your journey to Gojal which is the most beautiful valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Gojal valley has mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful lakes which add up to its serenity and charm. Gojal is in the list because Gojal valley also has Passu Cones and Attabad Lake which are one of the most visited places in Northern Pakistan. Furthermore, it has one of the largest glaciers which is Batura Glacier.


If you are looking for a peaceful place near Naran, Jalkhad is one of the best options to visit. And the road from Jalkhad to Kaghan is 3,130 meters above sea level. It goes through Dumri Maidan in KPK along the Kunhar River. Later on this road bifurcates and the one side goes to Noori top and the other one goes to Lulusar Lake and Babusar Top.


Linking Pakistan to China, Karakoram Highway is the beautiful road which ranges from Hasan Abdal to Khunjerab Pass at the altitude of 4,693 meters. This 1300 Kms long road that travels through The Himalayas and The Karakoram range offers the spectacular view of the travelers with the snowy mountains on the sides and beautiful valleys along the way. It has more twists and turns which make it a bit dangerous. But its enthralling view is worth experiencing. 


Leading to Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir, this road gives impressive scenery as well as the most daring path to Muzaffarabad. This road moves along the Neelum River just parallel to the border of India.Cut through the mountains, this street offers dazzling perspectives on green valleys and captivating blue waters, making it a course fit for experienced travelers.


Swirling around the Margalla Hills, this Pir Sohawa road depicts the breathtaking view of Islamabad especially during sunset. On this road the famous Monal restaurant and Daman-e-Koh is situated which are the most famous spots in Islamabad. Pir Sohawa is just a few minutes away from Islamabad which comes in the region of KPK. If you are traveling to Islamabad or living in this city, you must travel on this road.