For years we have seen the same old buses run the roads and highways of Pakistan. Lately, in the past few years we have seen a shift towards modern and luxurious buses in the Pakistani transport industry. From decade old buses with windows as the only ventilation and no time schedules, Pakistani bus companies have slowly evolved into punctual and safer operators as consumer awareness increased. In an effort to further assist users of public transportation, has come up with a list of commonly used buses in Pakistan. 

Majority of these buses are operational on long routes such as Lahore to Islamabad or Karachi to Lahore and seeing these buses is a common sight when travelling on motorways.



Daewoo has been one of the very first modern bus manufacturers to be seen on the roads of Pakistan. Operated under the same name by a local partner, the Korean manufacturer has seen heights of popularity in the industry. Nearly after a decade of introduction to the market, Daewoo today faces tough competition from Chinese counterparts. Salient features of their buses include air conditioner, meal boxes and comfortable seats with the option to recline. 

Their common models include Daewoo BH116 and BH120f. It has long been viewed as the super luxury bus in the industry as it enjoyed lack of competition. For Daewoo online booking, you can visit our website as we provide amazing discounts.


Yutong buses are amongst the most popular and commonly seen buses in Pakistan. They have seen an exponential growth in the past 3-4 years thanks to favourable government policies. The yutong double glass bus was well received by the users due to its aesthetically pleasing looks and comfortable seats. Many major operators use Yutong buses with popular models being Yutong Charisma and Yutong Master Nova. With their local partner Master Motors, Yutong is commonly known as Yutong Master. Salient features of their buses include air conditioner, entertainment systems and charging ports for all passengers. Moreover these buses are seen as a luxury mode of travel due to their aeroplane style seats and star lined roofs. These are delivered with standard 51 seats but operators tend to reduce the number of seats to improve leg room and compete on luxury. 



The epitome of European luxury buses, Volvo has been around for decades and is seen as a luxurious and reliable mode of travel. These buses have high operational costs and are expensive which is why these are not a common sight. However you may spot a few on Lahore Islamabad motorways as Qconnect exclusively operates Volvo buses for this route. Most common sight is the Volvo B11R with only 21 seats. This allows the bus to fit in a restroom and a small kitchen area as well. These buses are usually operated as luxury class buses and tickets are higher than standard buses. These buses too come equipped with 19 inch entertainment systems and charging posts with leather lined seats and are air conditioned as well. These seats are one of a kind with calf and lumbar support and option to recline. 



Higer is another Chinese brand that is fast gaining popularity amongst the local community. Their buses too like the Yutong style double windshield which is a rare sight on the Pakistani roads. These buses are operated on relatively shorter routes and are seen as mid tier luxurious buses. Their common models include KLQ6122B and KLQ6147. Prominent features of their buses include air conditioner, entertainment systems( limited to luxury variant) , charging ports, seat recline and lunch options depending on operators. These buses are relatively less common when compared with Yutong or Daewoo. Some operators operate models with capacity to seat upto 51 passengers. 


Golden Dragon 

A relatively less popular brand but operated by the biggest operators of Pakistan, Golden Dragon is another Chinese brand. The Golden Dragon Triumph is seen commonly on the motorway between Multan and Lahore. The bus is another mid tier luxury segment bus which refers to it being a cheaper and more user friendly bus unlike high end luxury volvo’s. These buses come equipped with 53 seats standard but operators tend to meddle with the number of seats depending on their needs. These buses are armed with modern technology to assist driver, giving them information on all key features of the bus. All variants are air conditioned and also come equipped with digital entertainment systems as well. is pakistan's leading online ticketing company which has 200+ bus companies on board to provide ticketing facility to people of Pakistan.