Best Ways to Travel from Lahore to Karachi

Traveling is fun for many and not so fun for others, especially when you talk about traveling for hundreds of kilometers. With twelve hundred kilometers between Lahore and Karachi, every traveler should know the best approaches to travel back and forth.

Answering which way of traveling is the most suitable for you is not easy because there are pros and cons that come with every mode. Your friend’s favorite way of traveling may not be suitable for you and vice versa. So, to help you make the best choice, here are some of the best ways to get to Lahore from Karachi or the opposite:

Catch a Flight

The fastest, least tiring, and the most convenient method of traveling from Lahore to Karachi is by catching a plane. You can cover all the distance within two hours. Even if you include the time taken in going back and forth from the airport, it will still take a lot less time compared to any other alternative option.

If you need to travel for a short notice business meeting, tend to some family emergency, or simply do not like spending hours stuck in traveling, you should definitely check for available Lahore to Karachi flights on your desired dates.

However, all this convenience comes at a price. An airline ticket from Lahore to Karachi will cost you between PKR 16,000 to PKR 21,000 for a seat (mentioned prices can vary because of a number of factors like availability, choice of airline, etc.) making it the most expensive mode of traveling.

Board a Train

For those who really love the experience traveling brings with it, boarding a train can prove to be the best option. A train can take anywhere from 18 to 20 hours to get you to Karachi from Lahore. And the best part is that the entire journey is full of scenic views and multiple stations along the way. You can get off the train at these stations to find new delicacies. Trains are especially more fun when you are traveling with a group of friends or family members.

The level of comfort you get depends significantly on what train you catch. Generally, you can choose from three tiers of service which are Business, AC, and Economy. These names are quite self explanatory. In terms of pricing, economy is the cheapest, AC is slightly on the pricier side, and then there’s business as the most expensive option. Choose the best option depending on your budget and desired level of convenience. A seat on one of Lahore to Karachi trains will cost you from PKR 3,500 to around PKR 7,000 per seat.

Get on a Bus

Traveling through a bus is another fun way of going to Karachi (or Lahore). The bus experience feels something like a mix of traveling via car and taking a train, minus the freedom of frequent stops. But bus services have their own perks, like refreshments served along the way. Since almost all buses take the Motorway M3 and M5, the journey is quite comfortable. Also, buses take comparatively less time compared to trains. 

Factors like pricing and comfort depend significantly on which bus service you take. You can expect to pay prices starting from PKR 5,000. Luxury buses are on the pricier side, but more relaxing seats and the overall atmosphere makes it worth it for the customers.

Explore different Lahore to Karachi bus tickets to find the best deal on your next visit. Thanks to a number of bus services, finding an available bus on your planned date is easier. Still, it is best to book a few days in advance before the date of departure.

Travel Via Car

For those who really love going on road trips, taking your car out and hitting the road can be fun. Even if you don’t have a car or your car is not comfy enough for a long road trip, another way to make traveling fun is by opting for an intercity car rental service. You can leave your car at home for the family and book a more comfortable one for long trips by leveraging these services. For instance, you can book a Honda City for spacious seats and a comfortable ride.

And the best part is that these cars usually come with a driver. So, no need for you to get exhausted and miss out on all the fun. However, if you plan on driving on your own, it is highly advisable to take rest and explore restaurants along the way.

Different factors like rent, fuel, and toll taxes make car rental an expensive way of traveling if you are traveling alone. But it is quite reasonable if you make use of all the available seats. The biggest advantage of traveling via a car is the freedom. You capture the scenery on your phone or take Instagrammable photos wherever you want on the way.

What will you choose?

Now that you know the pros and cons of every mode of traveling from Lahore to Karachi, choose the one that best suits you. Pack your bags, make travel arrangements, and hit the road (or the skies)!