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Cairo to Islamabad Flights

The largest city of Egypt, Cairo, is also the largest city in the Arab world. Well, this tells that its population is also big with a majority of Muslims. Among them, thousands of residents have connections to Pakistan, which makes the Cairo to Islamabad flights popular. 

However, the flight distance between Cairo and Islamabad is around 3,940 km. Moreover, Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, so many government officials also visit this city for various purposes. In addition to that, this city depicts a soulful picture of the northern beauty with all its mountains, beautiful mosques like Faisal Mosque and the perfect headstart for a getaway road journey to all the ethereal valleys, lakes and much more

Now, the question is how can you travel through this route and reach Islamabad with comfort, right? Therefore, Bookme is here to serve the purpose of giving every traveller a one-stop solution with the best e-ticketing service. So, avail yourself of a world-class flight (domestic or international), affordable car rentals, hotel rooms, and event tickets happening in Islamabad from our website or app right away!

Cairo to Islamabad Ticket Price

Furthermore, the IATA code for Cairo is CAI and for Islamabad is ISB. Every traveller is always on the lookout for a cheap Cairo to Islamabad ticket price, right? This is why our website and App can help you book an air ticket with affordable rates in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is open Bookme via the website or App and click on the flight's page. Then, add the above mentioned codes or the city names on the departure and arrival sections along with the following details:

  • Date
  • Month
  • Age Group
  • Class of Flight
  • Type of Air Ticket

Now, hit the search button and you will have a pool of Cairo to Islamabad flights available on your screens. Absolutely, you can scroll up and down to compare the airfares, timings available, airlines, number of flights, number of stops, duration of flight and layover in just a glance. 

Yes, comparing and choosing the most suitable air ticket to fly from Cairo to Islamabad can be a piece of cake with Bookme. Thus, explore the following range of airfare to get the idea of discounts you can avail yourself of, without compromising on the quality of service:

Lowest Cairo to Islamabad Ticket Price Available

Highest Cairo to Islamabad Ticket Price Available

69,252/- PKR

458,804/- PKR

(Note: Always make sure to view the live flight rates and timings before confirming your CAI to ISB flight booking)

So, just assess all the available flight rates and enjoy a seamless booking with pocket-friendly rates, only with our platform. But yes, the cost for Cairo to Islamabad flights can vary based on your choice of facilities and travel details. 

Similarly, if you want a direct flight from Cairo to Islamabad, you will have to pay more but if you are willing to spare more time for your travel, add some stops. Of course, the connecting flights are always on the cheaper side than the non-stop ones. Yes, every route has different airline options and varying flight schedules to meet the travel needs of the masses.

Which Airlines Fly to Islamabad from Cairo?

No need to search for the Cairo to Islamabad flights today separately, when you can view all the available flights for any day at any time. Definitely, you should save your time and explore the following renowned airline company options available for this route, on our website and App:

  • Gulf Air Bahrain
  • Fly Nas
  • Oman Air
  • Etihad Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Kuwait Airways

(Note: Availability of airlines and number of flights can always be more or less for different routes and different days)

When you have all the possible choices with all its features mentioned on one page, why stick to one? Be flexible and first view which option can offer more discounts or which flight time can facilitate your travel plan better, then choose. 

How to Get Cheap Cairo to Islamabad Flights?

While booking Cairo to Islamabad air tickets online, the key to saving the most money without compromising on the quality of service is to get it booked from Bookme. Also, try to assess which month offers lower-cost Cairo to Islamabad flights. Certainly, these are the following months that may have relatively low rates available for the CAI to ISB route:

  • February
  • March
  • December 

Additionally, view all the days of the week to get a better idea of prices and timings of all the flights. Possibly, Thursday can help all the tourists and travellers reserve a discounted flight from Cairo to Islamabad. So, pre-booking is the facility that is required, right?

Pre-book your flights and avoid all the sudden raises in the air ticket costs, because our platform offers a well-rounded online travel arrangement service. 

CAI to ISB Flight Booking

Get an enhanced CAI to ISB flight booking experience from start to end, as everything can be done from the comfort of your home. Ultimately, you can complete the reservation process by paying for the Cairo to Islamabad flights digitally.