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Saudi Airline

Now Saudi Airline has 143 aircrafts, with latest technology and design, providing its services to the people all around the globe. The Airline has two main international airports, one located in Jeddah and known as “King Abdulaziz International Airport” and the other one is “King Khalid International Airport” located in Riyadh. Saudi Airline has become a tornado of success and one of the most significant Airlines of Saudi.

Currently Saudi Airline is providing its top notch services all around the world but mainly to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

Just like any other country, Saudi Airlines is also operating in Pakistan and providing Umrah flights to Pakistani people who want to embark on the spiritual journey of Umrah. One of the first choices of Pakistani passengers is Saudi Airline because of the top notch services and amenities provided in them. They can fly in economy and have a comfortable journey or they can fly in business class and enjoy the luxury, Saudi Airline has it all. Talking about luxuries, let's get into the services provided by Saudi Airline, that makes this airline one of the best in the game.

First of all Saudi Airlines has 5 sets of classes which you can choose according to your preference and budget.

  • Economy Class
  • Guest Class
  • Business class
  • First Class
  • AC and Wifi on board
  • Saudia First Suite

Amenities provided by Saudi Airline

  • Diverse type of classes so passengers can choose according to their preference.
  • Entertainment gadgets including monitors that can be controlled by a remote provided to the passengers.
  • Unlimited options to watch movies and shows on board.
  • Inclusive and diverse menu which includes meals from all around the world. From international cuisine to non calorie meals, Saudi Airlines made sure to include all kinds of meal plans for the comfort of their passengers.
  • Saudi Airline has introduced this new feature of giveaways, which includes overnight kits for adults and bags full of games, toys and entertainment gadgets for the kids under 12, during long flights.
  • Exclusive worldwide lounges at the airport so passengers can relax and enjoy their layover to the fullest. These lounges come with great luxury and services. Customers can access these lounges depending on their membership tier and travel class.
  • Another unique feature which you won't find anywhere else is Skysales. It's an online retail brand which partnered with Saudi Airline to bring the latest trends in fashion to the passengers on board. Passengers can get access to Skysales through the Saudi Airline portal and shop while taking a flight.
  • Saudi Airlines excellence is in its private and elite customer service. With features like ALTANFEETHI, passengers can get access to more than 27 executive private airport terminals. This feature includes various services which includes world class hospitality, personal assistant, private parking, multiple options of private transportation from and to the airplane and much more. These features ensure passengers can get elite and a complete luxurious travel experience and Saudi Airlines has set a standard in this area.

Saudia Flight Ticket Price

Flights to Saudi have great demand as Saudi Arabia holds great importance in regards to religious views of Muslims. Thousands of Pakistani Muslims travel to Saudi to perform the holy pilgrimage of Umrah. Saudia flight ticket prices are extremely diverse. It can change due to multiple factors like timing or the class you choose to travel from. The Saudi Arabian Flight ticket price ranges from 143054/-PKR to 146408/-PKR.

For a complete overview of pricing you can check out the “VISIT Saudi” vertical on Bookme. Bookme allows you to browse through all the available options of flights departing from different cities of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Airlines Online Booking

As you have already gathered the idea that Saudi Airline is best in the game and has all the amenities a passenger wants to travel comfortably. So making Saudi Airline online booking can be a piece of cake through Bookme. You can install the Bookme app or visit the website and browse through all the available flights and get the best deal. Bookme offers economical ticket prices, easy access to booking and you can choose everything according to your preference. From hotel booking to transportation, Bookme has it all. So plan your trip now whether it's a tour or you want to perform the holy task of Umrah, Bookme is at your service.

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