Soul Fest 2023 Lahore

Soul Fest 2023 Lahore

Lake City, Lahore,
Event Details
SOUL Fest Lahore 2023 is a big festival in Pakistan where people who love food and music come together. At the festival, you can try lots of delicious foods from Pakistan and other countries. There are also live music performances by famous singers and bands. Expert chefs show you how to cook, and you can even try cooking with their help. The festival has stalls where you can buy different types of food and drinks. Besides food and music, there are also workshops where you can learn new things, and there are fun activities for families and kids, like games and storytelling. You can also see traditional dances and music performances that show Pakistan's rich culture. It's a great event for families and anyone who enjoys good food, music, and fun activities.

•	Rights to admission are reserved by the management.
•	Management reserves the right to cancel/postpone Event at their own discretion.
•	Ticket is valid for one day & one person only.
•	The Soul Fest 2023 is strictly for families only, therefore no single male or group of males will be allowed.
•	Outside food and beverages are not allowed.
•	Invites obtained from any unauthorized source will be deemed void.
•	Management will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage that you may suffer during the festival.
•	Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.
•	Children over age 6 will require ticket to enter.
•	The invite cannot be redeemed for cash.
•	To purchase tickets online, please visit www.bookme.pk