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Flights from Cairo to Karachi

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt with a majority of the Muslim population. This city also has thousands of Pakistanis living there. Well, a lot of them are eager to know about cheap flights from Cairo to Karachi, right? So, anyone who wants to explore Karachi for its beautiful scenery, several beaches, and industrial opportunities, can travel through this route.

However, the flight distance between Cairo and Karachi is around 3,566.31 km (2,216 miles). Therefore, to cover this distance in comfort, the first step is to get your flights from Cairo to Karachi booked from an all-rounded platform. Also, why not save some money when you are reserving your seat on an overseas flight?

Ultimately, Bookme is here to help the masses with the best travel and entertainment arrangements nationwide. With our website or App, you can avail yourself of affordable domestic and international flights along with amazing car rental service, hotel bookings and much more.

Cairo to Karachi Ticket Price

The IATA code for Cairo is CAI and for Karachi is KHI. Once you open our website or App, you can get yourself a discounted Cairo to Karachi ticket price. What you need to do, is to only put these codes or the city names on our flights page. Also, you are required to add the following travel details, in addition to the departure and arrival points:

  1. Date
  2. Month
  3. Age Group
  4. Class and Type of Flight

When you are done with adding your specific travel details, you are only left with one click on the search button. After this, a bunch of flights from Cairo to Karachi will be available on your screens. For an idea, the following is the list of air ticket prices available for your next trip from Cairo to Karachi:

Lowest Cairo to Karachi Ticket Price Available

Highest Cairo to Karachi Ticket Price Available

67,650/- PKR

458,804/- PKR

(Note: Always make sure to view the live flight schedules and rates before finalising the CAI to KHI air ticket)

Compare and choose, yes, this is one of the many perks of getting your air affairs booked from us. Just by scrolling up and down or by changing the dates and months, you can compare all the diverse air ticket costs available for the CAI to KHI route in a few minutes. 

In addition to the ticket prices, you can also explore other key details like the number of stops, and duration of flight along with its layouts, timings available etc. Of course, Bookme is here to save your time and money, both, with its versatile e-ticketing service available 24/7.

Which Airlines Fly From Cairo to Karachi?

The airfare can also vary based on your choice of airline for flights from Cairo to Karachi which includes the following renowned ones:

(Note: Availability of airlines and number of flights can vary for Cairo to Karachi route for different days)

Once you are done with comparing the airline features, you should also keep in mind that sticking to one airline will not help you save money. So, be flexible and try to explore new airlines for your travels because you can never know what is out there waiting for you before stepping in, right? Thus, Bookme offers different flight details with varying features to meet the needs of all travellers.

How to Book Cheap Flights from Cairo to Karachi?

If you have set your mind on booking a budget-friendly Karachi to Cairo ticket price, you must get it from Bookme. We have all the features available to make your booking experience smooth and seamless. Other than that, get to know which month and day can offer a lower airfare for your CAI to KHI flight.

Certainly, February and April are the months that may offer a relatively lower air ticket cost than others for flights from Cairo to Karachi. Additionally, always check the rates for the days of the whole week around the date of your travel to know which day can help you get a more discounted offer. 

Most probably, Thursday can have a comparatively lower ticket price than others, especially at weekends, so pre-book accordingly. Also, avoid getting your tickets booked for the holiday season until it is urgent if you want to save your money. Furthermore, connecting flights with one or two stops is always a better choice for everyone who is here to get lower-cost air tickets.

CAI to KHI Flight Booking

Select your most suitable air ticket option after following all the above-mentioned instructions, and hit the Bookme button. Hence, you can also view the airports of departure and arrival after clicking. Now, add all additional information required and complete your CAI to KHI flight booking by paying for it digitally through our diverse payment options.

Affordable Rates Across the Globe, Everytime, via Bookme!