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Karachi to Chicago Flights

There are several flights that leave Karachi and arrive in Chicago in under twenty-four hours. You may look into the schedule of Karachi to Chicago flights and select an option that works for you.

On the website, tickets are available for purchase with real time fare updates. Before finalizing your reservation, be sure to check the most recent airfare for Karachi to Chicago flights. There are several inexpensive flight options between Karachi and Chicago. 

You can get the most recent and reasonably priced flights on The cost is between Rs. 145,315 and 282,580. Depending on when a reservation is made, prices may go down or up. Flights won't be very affordable if you book in December, January, or February because this is the busiest time of year. However, if you book after February, you may get flights for a very reasonable cost.

KHI to ORD Ticket Price

Look at the flights offered on to get an idea of the typical cost of a ticket to fly from Karachi to Chicago. You may compare ticket rates and choose flights in first or business class conveniently online. KHI to ORD ticket price may be as low as Rs. 145,315 if you make your reservation prior to your departure date. 

Flight tickets are frequently discounted at To get tickets at really low prices, register on the site and keep an eye out for these deals. If you purchase an airline ticket close to the departure date, the price from Karachi to Chicago will be higher.