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Karachi to Qassim Flights

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan is 3,598.2 km far from Al Qassim which is one of the provinces of Saudi Arabia. Well, this province is the biggest producer of dates in the Middle East which makes it an ideal place for many businessmen. Therefore, the demand for Karachi to Qassim flights is always higher. 

Moreover, there are many universities offering courses and scholarships for international students. Thus, Al Qassim with its vast oasis and orchards is not only a great destination for tourists but also for students, job aspirants, businessmen etc. 

People who want to travel through this route are always in search of the best-discounted deals to book Karachi to Qassim flights. However, searching through all the airline's web pages separately can be a hassle and also time-consuming. This is where comes and solves all the queries for Karachi to Qassim flight bookings by providing all the airline's options with their schedules, rates and other details on one platform. 

To explore the all-rounded information on one page, just hit the search button with Bookme or download our mobile App (available for both Android and Apple users). In addition to that, if you get a subscription to Bookme Bro, you can avail further discounts on already budget-friendly flights like FlyDubai. 

Karachi to Al Qassim Ticket Price

The Karachi to Al Qassim ticket price varies depending upon the following factors:

  1. Day
  2. Month
  3. Class of Flight
  4. Airline Company
  5. Number of Stops
  6. Weather Conditions
  7. Inflation etc.

Therefore, it is advised to always check the live ticket price and its schedule before confirming your reservation. However, the Karachi to Al Qassi ticket price for an economy adult air ticket may range from 66,182/- PKR to 220,807/- PKR. (Always check live flights schedule and timings for Karachi to Qassim route before booking)

This amount can vary depending upon your choice of flights, if you will opt for a connecting flight, you will have to pay less than a direct flight. Layovers are time-taking but why not save money with our services to utilise it later? Just sit back and scroll through all the available choices as you will not find all the details and features on one platform other than ours.

Which Airlines Fly Out of Karachi to Qassim?

Many airlines fly on this route with varied Karachi to Qassim flight schedules, which mainly include the following:

  1. FlyDubai
  2. Gulf Air Bahrain
  3. Saudi Arabian Airlines
  4. Qatar Airways
  5. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

Ultimately, you can get a ticket to any of the above-mentioned airlines through our platform. 

How to Book Discounted Karachi to Qassim flights?

The first and most important step is to open’s website or App. After this, add your departure, arrival, date, and other details and click search. In a few seconds, you will have a pool of versatile flight schedules of all the available airlines on your screens. Compare and choose all you want by facilitating the inclusive features of Bookme.

Some may wonder, when are the cheapest days to fly from Karachi to Al Qassim province because you can change the dates and compare which airfare suits your budget the best. Most recently, it was noted that February may be the month that has the cheapest Karachi to Qassim flights available.

How to Pay for the Karachi to Qassim Flights Online?

Finalise your choice and hit the Bookme button in blue colour on the side. Add in all your personal information and fill in other required sections and then you can also pay for it digitally. For this reason, we have the following digital payment options for everyone who wants a convenient method:

  1. Jazz Cash
  2. Credit/Debit Card
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Easypaisa

So, make your payment and you are good to go to your destination with the most comfortable online ticketing platform. 

Karachi (KHI) to Al Qassim (ELQ) Flights Booking

ELQ is the code for the Al Qassim airport and you can get Karachi (KHI) to Al Qassim (ELQ) flights booking in a few minutes through our platform. E-ticketing service at its best is only available on Bookme’s website and App. So, why not easily get an air ticket for Karachi to Qassim flights just like counting from 1 to 10

Avail all the top-notch booking services and also add a hotel booking or a car rental service while you travel from one location to another. 

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