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Karachi to Quetta Flights

In Sindh, Karachi is the biggest industrial city in Pakistan and has a very well-appointed transportation system. Well, this makes it easy for all the residents and travellers to have a better travel experience all around the country. Among these people, many search for Karachi to Quetta flights to visit their families, for business, tourism and other reasons.

Surely, Quetta has many beautiful tourist spots such as Ziarat, Pishin Valley, Hanna Lake, and the Museum of Quetta. However, the road trip from Karachi to Quetta will take around 21 hours. This is why everyone prefers to travel through a flight to cover the distance of 592 km from Karachi to Quetta.

This distance will take less than 2 hours and will give you all the comfort you will need to travel from one part of the country to another. Moreover, the IATA code for Karachi is KHI and for Quetta is UET. Yes, all the flights from Karachi to Quetta are non-stop or direct.

Thus, to book your flights without a hassle, get them from Bookme - the largest e-ticketing platform in Pakistan. Through our website or app, you can get yourself all the different airline choices, ticket prices, duration, and schedule by comparing all the available Karachi to Quetta flight options.

PIA Karachi To Quetta Ticket Price

Among all the airlines offering Karachi to Quetta flights, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is very popular. Well, it takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes to fly from KHI to UET with this airline. But yes, you can compare all the flight timings, and airfares with our website or app in just a few minutes. 

Simply, open Bookme’s flights page and fill in all the required travel details to get the following range of PIA Karachi to Quetta air ticket prices visible on your screens:

Lowest PIA Karachi To Quetta Ticket Price Available

Highest PIA Karachi To Quetta Ticket Price Available

16,363/- PKR 

24,319/- PKR

(Note: Always make sure to view the live PIA Karachi to Quetta flight rates)

The airfares vary for each day and month, so explore all the available options through our platform in just a few clicks. All you have to do is scroll up and down to view the amenities and yes, all details are mentioned on the ticket option. Also, whether the PIA Karachi to Quetta flights are refundable or not is also mentioned on each ticket separately. 

So, no need to search for any airline separately or view the pages one by one to compare the flight's timing because you can do it all here, through Bookme’s website and App. Explore the following timings available for your next Karachi to Quetta flights before confirming your ticket:



10:30 AM

11:50 AM

09:00 AM

10:20 AM

(Note: Availability and number of PIA flights from Karachi to Quetta can vary based on various factors)

From giving you all the information on airport names to whether it gives the checked baggage facility or not, our platform offers you an inclusive e-ticketing service nationwide.

Fly Jinnah Karachi To Quetta Ticket Price

For the Karachi to Quetta flights, Fly Jinnah is considered the cheapest airline. So, you can get yourself a discounted Fly Jinnah Karachi to Quetta Ticket Price through Bookme. Because we show all the detailed features of every airline on the ticket option along with the further discounts. Thus, this point should be noted that Fly Jinnah has no checked baggage facility for most of its Karachi to Quetta flights.

Moreover, the flight distance of Fly Jinnah from Karachi to Quetta is around 1 hour and 15 minutes. So, feel free to compare the following range of airfare to other airlines and air ticket options to book the most budget-friendly Karachi to Quetta flights:

Lowest Fly Jinnah Karachi To Quetta Ticket Price Available

Highest Fly Jinnah Karachi To Quetta Ticket Price Available

13,905/- PKR

32,445/- PKR

(Note: Always make sure to view the live Fly Jinnah Karachi to Quetta flight rates)

Surely, there are various ticket prices available on our website and mobile App, and you can also choose from a variety of timings. Following are the available time schedules for the Fly Jinnah Karachi to Quetta tickets:



08:30 AM

09:45 AM

07:00 AM

08:15 AM

(Note: Availability and number of Fly Jinnah flights from Karachi to Quetta can vary based on various factors)

Thus, there is no need to search for Karachi to Quetta flights today, separately, and surf the internet for hours when you can get your tickets in just a few minutes through our platform.

How to Get Cheap Karachi to Quetta Flights?

Yes, the first step to reserve your flights with major discounts is through Bookme’s user-friendly online ticket booking service. Other than that, you can use our filter to sort the best and cheapest prices and also filter out your choice of airline. Certainly, the following months may offer a relatively lower rate for Karachi to Quetta flights today:

  • March
  • June

In addition to that, make sure to explore the Karachi to Quetta ticket price for Thursday as this day may offer a lower rate than other weekdays. Therefore, pre-booking your flights through Bookme is always a good option to save both your money and time.

For further discounts on Karachi to Quetta flights, you should subscribe to BookmeBro today!

KHI to UET Flight Booking

Select your choice of air ticket through our website or App, and complete the KHI to UET flight booking by paying for it digitally. For sure, all your payments will be safe and secure through our diverse options for online payments. 

Additionally, you should not stop here but also explore more affordable travel arrangements such as our car rental service, hotel room reservations, and events tickets in Karachi or Quetta right away!