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Karachi to Skardu

Karachi, the city of lights, well known for its differentiated culture and occupied city life.This city really compliments metropolitanism in Pakistan. Individuals here are truly fun in terms of their language, and street life. Hence, an enormous number of vacationers from Karachi travel to Skardu every year along with their loved ones.

Skardu is the capital city of Baltistan, situated 2438 meters above sea level with high apexes of Karakoram in the landscape. Skardu is one of the old human headways and Balti people there are known for their lifestyle and amiability. Skardu is one the Baltistan valleys and a spot worth visiting.

Karachi to Skardu Flight Booking

Karachi is 2006 Kms away from Skardu by road. It takes around 29 hours to travel from Karachi to Skardu by road. By now Karachi to Skardu flights are operational to abridge this distance.  It takes 4 hours to cover the distance of 1423 by air.

In this manner, by taking the Karachi to Skardu flight, you can decrease your traveling time and put it into exploring life in Skardu.

Karachi to Skardu Flight Ticket Price

PIA airline is the only airline that travels from Karachi to Skardu. To the extent that flight ticket rates, Bookme.pk offers discounted flight fares. This trip overflows with comfort and more than that it saves your time which you can invest in exploring the Skardu. Inorder to buy your Karachi to Skardu flight ticket, contact Bookme.pk. As we give excellent rebate bargains on Karachi to Skardu flights.

Karachi to Skardu Flight Schedule

PIA flies on this domestic route and to know the flight plan and flight rates, you can visit bookme.pk official site and mobile application where you will sort out the live flight schedule and flight rates. After analyzing each and every flight details, you can without a doubt go with your decision. Besides, Bookme is offering discounts on Karachi to Skardu flights.