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Lahore to Al Qassim Flights

Saudi Arabia is a country that has 13 provinces and one of these is Qassim. Well, Al-Qassim is located at the heart of the country near the geographic centre of the Arabian Peninsula. Moreover, it is called as the “alimental basket” of the country due to its agricultural assets. However, the distance between Lahore and Al-Qassim is around 4,433.3 km which requires Lahore to Al Qassim flights to cover this distance. 

Furthermore, the city name of Al Qassim is Buraidah so, many people who want to explore more about it visit as tourists often. Well, many students also book a Lahore to Al Qassim flight to get admission to universities like Qassim University and others due to its ranking and education. 

Other than that, many skilful individuals are also making the move through this route to get some jobs there. All in all, the demand for Lahore to Al Qassim flights has been high in the past few years.

To get all the details about the Lahore to Al Qassim flight, you just need to hit the browser and search or download our app on your mobile phone. Because our website and App have the best e-ticketing features for all kinds of flight bookings. So, if you want to have a seamless and comfortable booking and travel experience, choose our services right away.

This way you will not have to open all the different airline’s websites and search whether they offer Lahore to Al Qassim flights or not. Because you just have to add in the details of your departure and arrival along with the date, class and age group, and then a pool of options will be on your screens. 

What is LHE to ELQ Flights Ticket Price?

Some may wonder, which airport code is ELQ? The answer is the Al-Qassim Airport, now known as Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz International Airport. In some places, Al-Qassim is also written as Gassim, maybe due to the Arabic accent. 

Additionally, you would not have to search separately, how to find flight ticket price? As we provide all the details including airlines offering Lahore to Al Qassim flight, ticket prices, class, flight schedule, duration, stops etc. However, an economy LHE to ELQ flights ticket price for one person may range from 179,180/- PKR to 227,301/- PKR. 

(Always check live prices and flight schedules for Lahore to Al Qassim route, before confirming your ticket booking as it can vary due to different factors)

Lahore to Al Qassim Flights Ticket Price and Payment Method

Well, the Lahore to Al Qassim flights ticket price also vary from airline to airline and these are the options you may get for this route:

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Gulf Air Bahrain
  3. Saudi Arabian Airlines

But it all depends on the date of your plan as the airline schedule differs for different days of the week. Therefore, the best tip to get a low Lahore to Al Qassim flight ticket price is to stay flexible while planning your travel. Opt for weekdays instead of weekends and then do your search on our flights page, you will find all the suitable options on your screens. 

How to Pay for Lahore to Qassim Flights Online with Bookme?

Decide which one suits you best and then make payment to complete the process through diverse digital methods available such as:

  1. Jazz Cash
  2. Easypaisa
  3. Debit/Credit Card
  4. Bank Transfer etc.

Make the payment and you are done getting the best-discounted flight deal in only a few clicks.

Convenient LHE to ELQ Flights Booking Process

From A to Z, your Lahore (LHE) to Al-Qassim (ELQ) flights booking process will be covered in the easiest way by Bookme. In just a few minutes, you will be done with booking your flight tickets by comparing all the amazing options available on our platform. So, open our website or App right now to have an excellent Lahore to Al-Qassim flights booking experience!