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Lahore to Colombo Flights

Colombo, the most populous city and the judicial capital of Sri Lanka is very popular among the travellers of Pakistan. However, the distance between Lahore and Colombo is around 2,789 km. Therefore, the demand for Lahore to Colombo flights is always very high. 

Many people wonder why Colombo is famous and the biggest tourist destination in Sri Lanka. So, whether you are going for a leisure trip to visit its vast range of historical places or temples, beaches, mountains and parks, this city has it all. Moreover, if you are going for some work, education or business purposes, booking a flight comes first. 

For this reason, everyone is on the lookout for a cheap Lahore to Colombo ticket price to make the commute. But the question is how to book Lahore to Colombo flights online with discounts, right? Ultimately, Bookme is here to serve the purpose of making e-ticketing easy and accessible for all tourists and travellers. 

From getting you the best deals on car rental service to hotel room reservations and also the most affordable flight bookings across the globe, we are here for you. 

Lahore to Colombo Ticket Price

No need to surf the internet and waste your time in search of discounted airfare. Because we have done the hard work for you and have brought a variety of Lahore to Colombo ticket price with varying features. Furthermore, you just need to add in all your travel details and when you hit the search button, you will have a pool of Lahore to Colombo flights visible on your screens.

Scroll through all the available choices and compare them to choose a suitable Lahore to Colombo ticket for your next trip. Following are the air cost range available for you to book your flights from Lahore to Colombo online: 

Lowest Lahore to Colombo Ticket Price Available

Highest Lahore to Colombo Ticket Price Available

114,756/- PKR

916,395/- PKR

(Note: Always make sure to check the live rate before confirming your Lahore to Colombo air ticket)

In addition to that, the IATA code for Lahore is LHE and for Colombo is CMB

Which Airlines Offer Lahore to Colombo Flights?

The airfare changes with every different detail including the timings, date, month, airline company, class, and type of flight. For this reason, choose a flight from the following available airlines for your next LHE to CMB travel:

All of these airlines offer many flights per day with changed timings and duration. Therefore, Bookme has got you all these choices on one page for you to have a convenient booking experience.

Flight Time from Lahore to Colombo 

Open our website or just quickly download our mobile App (available for both Apple and Android users) to begin an amazing online air ticket experience with Bookme. Yes, you can see the flight time from Lahore to Colombo as well as its duration, on our platform. 

Well, it takes around 6 hours and more with every stop or layover to travel from Lahore to Colombo. But yes, a non-stop flight can also cover this distance in just 3 hours and 50 minutes but it will cost more than a connecting one. Following are the most commonly found airline schedules of a variety of airlines for Lahore to Colombo flights:


Departure (LHE)

Arrival (CMB)

Oman Air

09:40 AM

07:40 AM

Thai Airways International

11:45 PM

11:00 AM


03:20 AM

06:20 PM

Pakistan International Airlines

08:30 PM

10:50 AM

SriLankan Airlines

05:30 AM

09:55 PM

Qatar Airways

02:55 AM

04:30 AM

Turkish Airlines

06:35 AM

06:10 AM

Etihad Airways

04:20 AM

04:50 AM

(Note: Always make sure to look at the live flight schedules before confirming your online tickets)

Be flexible while confirming your Lahore (LHE) to Colombo (CMB) flight booking and assess the rates of every option first.

How to Get a Cheap Lahore to Colombo Ticket Price?

The best way to get comfortable yet discounted Lahore to Colombo flights is to get it from Bookme. Secondly, you should know when the flight tickets are cheap for Colombo and book them then. Similarly, March and April are the months that may offer a relatively lower airfare than other months for LHE to CMB travel.

Other than that, always change the days and check the air ticket price for the Lahore to Colombo flight for the whole week. Most probably, Wednesday will have fairly lower rates for your next flight to Colombo so, book it then. After all this, complete your air ticket reservation by paying for it online via our various digital mediums as the world is all about online bookings and payments.

Lahore (LHE) to Colombo (CMB) Flight Booking

Enjoy a seamless experience with great features and travel arrangement services, all through on platform - Bookme. Get your Lahore (LHR) to Colombo (CMB) flight booking done quickly through us today!