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Lahore to Madinah Flights

A lot of people wonder what Madinah is famous for and there cannot be a one-line answer to this query. The second holiest city for all Muslims - Madinah is also known as Al Madinah Al Munawarra. Every muslim wants to visit this sacred city of Saudi Arabia which also includes people from Lahore. However, the Lahore to Madinah distance by air is 3,481 km which can easily be covered by Lahore to Madinah flights.

Apart from the Hajj and Umrahs, many people also visit the holy grounds of Madinah for business, education, and tourism purposes. Whether you want to visit Al-Masjid an Nabawi or other several mosques or museums located in this city, you should look for cheap flights from Lahore to Madinah.

Furthermore, to enjoy the beauty of Madinah, you should know where to book the flights with the best discounts and quality deals. This is where steps in to offer you the facility to reserve all your travel arrangements, from air tickets to hotels, you can get it all through our website or App.

Whatever your purpose of travel is, Bookme is here to offer all the great flights for the Lahore to Madinah route. So, why would anybody want to waste their time and do their search in orthodox ways when it is the time of innovation? And, our platform is here to meet all your domestic and international travel needs with all the details mentioned.

From dates to months and other flight details, you can get all the choices present in one place. Fill in the details and add Lahore in departure and Madinah in arrival, then you will have a pool of options visible on your screens. Make your trip count and have the most peaceful booking procedure done in just a few minutes via Bookme’s website or you can always download our mobile App.

Lahore to Madinah Ticket Price

Various factors can change the flight rates so, opt for your flights with a flexible plan. This way you will be able to take advantage of all our useful features such as pre-booking your Lahore to Madinah flights for the dates when the rate is less. Moreover, the air ticket price from Lahore to Madinah can range from 86,642/- PKR to 500,851/- PKR. 

(Always check live flight rates and schedules before confirming your trip to Madinah)

What Airlines Fly From Lahore to Madinah?

Different days offer different deals with varying airline and airfare options. All national and international airlines choices are available on our platform, this is why you can conveniently opt for the following companies offering flights for this route:

  1. Oman Air
  2. Saudi Arabian Airlines
  3. Emirates
  4. Kuwait Airways
  5. Gulf Air Bahrain
  6. Pakistan International Airlines
  7. Jazeera 
  8. Qatar Airways
  9. Turkish Airlines

When Should You Book Your Lahore to Madinah Flights to Get the Most Discounts?

Although our website and App will show you all the possible choices, it is up to you to reserve the most suitable flight for your budget. In addition to that, it is advised to book your flights in April as this month may give you lower air ticket costs than others. 

Also, you should avoid getting it in the busiest months as all the lodging and flights will be available at a higher rate.

Lahore (LHE) to Madinah (MED) Flight Booking

Bookme has made life easier for all travellers, students, tourists, and businessmen as everyone can grab the most suited Lahore (LHE) to Madinah (MED) flight booking in minutes. For more savings, get yourself an amazing car rental service or hotel room reservation nationwide, through Bookme’s website or app.

Explore all the amazing discounts and travel details for Lahore to Madinah flights through our platform right away!