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Quetta to Lahore Flights

Quetta is the largest city in Balochistan province and also it is its capital. Well, it has a large population living there, among them many are the travellers who want to explore other cities of Pakistan, too. Therefore, the Quetta to Lahore flights are always in demand.

Lahore is the 2nd largest city in Pakistan and has many beautiful historical spots, mosques, modern architecture buildings, malls and much more. So, many people want to travel from Quetta to Lahore but it can take more than 21 hours if travelled by road, bus, or train. For this reason, reserving a comfortable and cheap flight ticket from Quetta to Lahore seems perfect, right?

Many people wonder what is the flight distance between Lahore and Quetta. The Quetta to Lahore flight duration starts from 1 hour 20 minutes to cover the flight distance of 726 km. Bookme is here to offer great discounts and user-friendly e-ticketing service for all domestic and international flights. With our platform, you can avail yourself of great discounts and offers to book an amazing Quetta to Lahore air ticket for your next trip.

What Airlines Fly to Lahore from Quetta?

The IATA code for the Quetta International Airport is UET and for the Allama Iqbal International Airport is LHE. Moreover, from giving you a free choice to compare and choose from a variety of air ticket options to provide you with all the following airline tickets, we offer an inclusive booking service:

(Note: Availability of airlines and number of flights flying from Quetta to Lahore can vary based on various factors)

Also, the key to booking flights from Quetta to Lahore with major savings is to be flexible with your travel details as everything can help you get a more budget-friendly air ticket. So, take advantage of our all-rounded features and view all the air ticket details on one page before finalising your Quetta to Lahore flights.

Quetta to Lahore Flight Schedule

All airlines operate on their specific time schedules and offer varying amenities for flights from Quetta to Lahore. Thus, explore a few air travel timings that you can book your next UET to LHE flights for: 





09:20 AM

10:40 AM

Serene Air

06:40 PM

08:05 PM

Serene Air

09:25 AM

10:50 AM

(Note: Always make sure to view the flight timings in real-time before confirming your Quetta to Lahore flights)

With our website or app, every traveller can view all the information on each Quetta to Lahore air ticket available. So, do not wait anymore and open our flights page to put in all your travel details and scroll up and down to opt for the most suitable Quetta to Lahore flights in just a few minutes.

Quetta to Lahore Flight Ticket Price 

Many people wonder how much is the ticket from Quetta to Lahore, right? So, why surf the internet and open every airline page separately that is flying from UET to LHE when you can get all the information on Bookme? Thus, explore all the flight ticket prices for Quetta to Lahore such as:

Lowest Quetta to Lahore Flight Ticket Price Available

Highest Quetta to Lahore Flight Ticket Price Available

13,641/- PKR

21,270/- PKR

(Note: Always make sure to view the live flight rates while getting UET to LHE flight booking online)

Through our platform, you can save money on your airfare whenever you are booking your flights, whether they are domestic or international because we offer affordable flights across the globe.

How to Get Cheap Quetta to Lahore Flights?

Well, the first step is to get your travel arrangements done from Bookme’s website or App. After this, it is also a good approach to know which month is offering a lower rate for flights from Quetta to Lahore. So, it is better to book your UET to LHE flights in April if it is not urgent.

In addition to that, Sundays can also provide a relatively lower rate for your next Quetta to Lahore flights. Thus, do not wait till the last moment and pre-book your direct flights from Quetta to Lahore today!

UET to LHE Flight Booking

Grab the best discounts to compare and choose from a wide range of air ticket options through Bookme. Once you are done with the selection, pay for it digitally and complete your UET to LHE flight booking in just a few minutes.