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Rawal Express Ticket Price

Rawal Express Train is one of the quickest when it comes to traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore or back. And it is not the fastest just among trains but among all modes of reaching your destination as it covers the whole distance in slightly over 4 hours.

The secret of Rawal Express’s speed is the fact that this train does not stop at a number of stations on its journey. Passengers get on the train from Rawalpindi and only get off at their destination in Lahore (or the opposite). Railway codes for Rawal Express are 105UP (from Lahore Jn. to Rawalpindi) and 106DN (from Rawalpindi to Lahore Jn.). 

The following are the prices of tickets against classes:

(Note: prices can change because of inflation and other factors)


Ticket Price 


PKR 870

AC Lower

PKR 1,430

AC Business 

PKR 1,530

Parlor Car

PKR 1,790

Rawal Express Timings 

Rawal Express travels at midnight no matter whether you get on a train from Lahore or Rawalpindi. Every night, the train leaves the platform at 12:30 AM. This train is perfect for people who prefer traveling at night. 

Rawal Express Train Online Booking

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