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Rent A Car in Abbottabad

Abbottabad, city, east- central Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northern Pakistan. It is located 38 miles north-east of Rawalpindi. A slope station of 4,120 feet, and is the doorway to the pleasant Kaghan Valley. Because of its hill stations and beauty an enormous number of people visit Abbottabad, by renting a car in Abbottabad you can now quit stressing over your commute and let Bookme deal with your transportation. With a couple of clicks you can rent a car by Bookme and pick your ideal vehicle.

Rent  a Car in Abbottabad with Driver

One can rent a car in Abbottabad with a driver right from the Bookme application. The application permits you to book a vehicle from the plenty of car options accessible all with a driver. This further works with your commute as you can move from one spot to the next and explore the city the way in which you want  without stressing over any commute issues. Moreover, the drivers can likewise on occasion go about as native guides, since they are locals and have a decent information about the city, one might get some information about renowned spots for lunch or take their assistance while exploring their destinations.