By Air 05 Days Hunza Private Tour With Air Tickets
5 Days & 4 Nights
By Air 05 Days Hunza Private Tour With Air Tickets

Departure From: Islamabad Airport

Gilgit City  Hunza  Nagar Valley  Sost  Khunjarab Pass  Karimabad  Altit Village  Eagles Nest  Attabad Lake Rakaposhi Mountain 3 Mountain Excursion  Royal Gardens  Eagles Nest  Nagar Valley  Hoper Glacier  Hussaini Bridge  Passu Cones Cafe De Hunza  Aliabad  Gilgit
Sightseeing  Historical Visits  Excursions  Boating

Package For 01- 04 Persons: 01 Room Per Night
Vehicle: (With TZ Parado)

Note: Hotel availability varies depending on the circumstances. Tour Applicable For Minimum 02 Adults. In case 1 Adult Only, Additional Cost 50,000/- Will Be Added in Package Total Cost  

Hotel Names On Availability:
•	Mulburry Hotel Hunza / Hunza Elites (Equivalent): 03 Night Stay
•	Mandrine Hotel In Gilgit (Equivalent): 01 Night Stay

Services Includes:  
•	The Package Includes Transportation For The Duration Of The Trip.
•	All Tolls, Taxes, And Fuel Expenses Related To Transportation Are Included In The Package Cost.
•	Luxury Accommodations Are Provided Throughout The Trip.
•	A Professional Driver And A Professional Tour Guide Will Be Available To Accompany You During The Trip.
•	Breakfast At The Hotel Is Included In The Package.
•	24/7 Assistance Will Be Provided To Ensure A Smooth And Hassle-Free Experience.
•	Jeep Charges For Transportation In Off-Road Areas (Only For Naltar)

These Services Are Included In The Package Cost To Provide You With A Comfortable And Convenient Journey.

Services Not Includes  

•	Entry Tickets For Attractions, Boating, Rafting, Forts, Or Any Other Activities Specifically Mentioned, Or Not Mentioned In The Itinerary Are Not Included In The Package And Will Be The Responsibility Of The Participants.
•	Any Additional Expenses Or Items Not Mentioned Above, Such As Personal Purchases Or Extra Services, Are Not Covered By The Package And Will Be The Responsibility Of The Participants.
•	The Package Does Not Include Meals, Including Lunch And Dinner, Which Participants Will Need To Arrange For Themselves.
Please Note That It's Important To Consider These Additional Expenses And Make Necessary Arrangements To Ensure A Smooth And Enjoyable Trip.

Day 01 
Arrival In Gilgit And Exploring Altit Fort - Discovering History And Immersing In Local Culture:
•	Upon Arrival At Gilgit Airport, You Will Be Warmly Greeted By Our Representative Who Will Be Waiting To Assist You. The Exact Departure Time To Hunza Will Be Determined Based On The Flight Schedule. Once Everything Is Ready, We Will Begin Our Journey Towards Hunza At Approximately 11:00 Am.

•	As We Embark On The Scenic Drive, We Will Make A Short Stop At The Rakaposhi Viewpoint. This Viewpoint Offers A Breathtaking Panoramic View Of The Majestic Rakaposhi Peak, Which Stands At An Impressive Height Of 7,788 Meters (25,551 Feet). The Snow-Capped Peak, Surrounded By Lush Greenery, Presents A Stunning Sight And Provides A Perfect Opportunity For You To Capture Some Truly Mesmerizing Photographs.

•	After Taking In The Awe-Inspiring Beauty Of Rakaposhi, We Will Continue Our Journey And Arrive In Hunza At Around 1:30 Pm. Hunza Is A Picturesque Valley Located In The Gilgit-Baltistan Region Of Pakistan, Known For Its Stunning Landscapes, Rich History, And Warm Hospitality.

•	Our First Stop In Hunza Will Be At Altit Fort, An Ancient Fort That Dates Back To The 11th Century. This Historical Landmark Holds Great Significance And Offers A Glimpse Into The Region's Fascinating Past. As You Explore The Fort, You Will Have The Chance To Admire Its Unique Architecture, Intricate Woodwork, And Traditional Artifacts. The Fort Also Provides Panoramic Views Of The Surrounding Valley, Offering A Truly Enchanting Experience.

•	Next, We Will Visit The Royal Gardens In Altit. These Gardens Are Renowned For Their Meticulously Manicured Landscapes, Vibrant Flowers, And Tranquil Ambiance. Strolling Through The Garden Pathways, You Can Immerse Yourself In The Serenity Of The Surroundings, Take In The Fragrant Scents Of Blossoming Flowers, And Appreciate The Natural Beauty That Hunza Valley Has To Offer.

•	In The Evening, You Will Have Some Free Time To Explore Karimabad Bazaar. This Bustling Marketplace Is A Hub Of Activity And A Reflection Of The Local Culture. You Can Wander Through The Narrow Streets, Browse Through Shops Offering Local Handicrafts, Gemstones, Traditional Clothing, And Other Unique Souvenirs. Additionally, You Can Indulge In The Flavors Of Hunza Cuisine, Known For Its Distinct Flavors And Wholesome Ingredients, At One Of The Local Restaurants In The Bazaar.

•	Finally, As The Day Comes To A Close, We Will Proceed To Our Designated Hotel In Hunza Valley, Where You Will Be Provided With Comfortable Accommodations For An Overnight Stay. The Hotel Offers Modern Amenities And Is Surrounded By The Breathtaking Natural Beauty Of The Valley, Ensuring A Peaceful And Rejuvenating Experience During Your Time In Hunza. Rest Well And Prepare For The Exciting Adventures That Await You In The Coming Days Of Your Journey.

Day 02 Exploring Hoper Valley And Eagle's Nest - Captivating Beauty And Majestic Views:

•	After Enjoying A Delicious Breakfast At The Hotel Around 8:00 Am, We Will Begin Our Exciting Day Trip To Nagar Valley, Known For Its Captivating Landscapes And Natural Wonders. The Departure From Hunza Will Be At 9:00 Am, Allowing Us To Make The Most Of The Day.

•	Our First Destination Will Be Hoper Valley, A Place Renowned For Its Stunning Beauty And The Magnificent Hoper Glacier. We Will Arrive At Hoper Valley By 11:00 Am, Giving You Ample Time To Immerse Yourself In The Enchanting Surroundings. The Hoper Glacier Is A Sight To Behold, With Its Shimmering Ice Formations And The Awe-Inspiring Expanse It Covers. You Can Take Leisurely Walks Near The Glacier, Breathe In The Crisp Mountain Air, And Marvel At The Sheer Grandeur Of This Natural Wonder. The Serenity And Tranquility Of The Valley Will Undoubtedly Leave You Captivated.

•	By Late Afternoon, Around 3:30 Pm, We Will Begin Our Return Journey To Hunza Valley. As We Drive Back, You Will Have The Opportunity To Admire The Picturesque Vistas And Soak In The Beauty Of The Surrounding Mountains And Valleys.

•	Next, We Will Make Our Way To Eagle's Nest, A Popular Viewpoint That Offers Panoramic Views Of The Entire Valley And Its Majestic Peaks. The Drive To Eagle's Nest Itself Is A Treat, As We Wind Our Way Up The Mountain, Surrounded By Breathtaking Landscapes. Once We Reach Eagle's Nest, You Will Be Mesmerized By The Stunning Vista That Unfolds Before You. From This Vantage Point, You Can Witness The Golden Hues Of The Setting Sun Casting A Warm Glow Over The Valley, Creating A Truly Magical Ambiance. The Panoramic Views From Eagle's Nest Will Give You A Newfound Appreciation For The Natural Beauty Of Hunza And Its Seven Mighty Glaciers.

•	After Spending Quality Time At Eagle's Nest And Absorbing The Beauty Of The Surroundings, We Will Return To Karimabad By Nightfall. Karimabad Is The Main Town In Hunza Valley And Offers A Blend Of Traditional Charm And Modern Amenities. You Will Have The Evening To Relax And Explore The Town At Your Leisure, Perhaps Taking A Leisurely Stroll Through The Bazaar Or Savoring A Delicious Meal At One Of The Local Eateries.

•	We Will Arrange For Your Overnight Stay At A Comfortable Hotel In Hunza, Where You Can Rest And Rejuvenate For The Adventures That Await You In The Coming Days. The Hotel Provides A Peaceful And Comfortable Environment, Ensuring A Good Night's Sleep To Energize You For The Next Day's Exploration.

Day 03 Discovering Attabad Lake, Hussaini Suspension Bridge, And Khunjerab Pass - Nature's Splendor And High Altitude Adventure:

•	After Starting Your Day With A Hearty Breakfast At The Hotel At 8:00 Am, Get Ready For A Day Filled With Natural Beauty And Exhilarating Experiences. At 9:00 Am, We Will Set Off Towards Attabad Lake, A Mesmerizing Body Of Water Known For Its Stunning Turquoise Color. Our Journey Will Take Us Through The Famous Pak-China Friendship Tunnels, A Remarkable Engineering Marvel Spanning 5.4 Kilometers. As We Pass Through These Tunnels, You Can Marvel At The Ingenuity That Connects The Two Nations.

•	Upon Arriving At Attabad Lake, You Will Be Greeted By The Picturesque Beauty Of The Surroundings. The Turquoise Hues Of The Lake Against The Backdrop Of Towering Mountains Create A Surreal Landscape. Take Your Time To Soak In The Serene Ambiance And Capture Photographs That Will Be Cherished For A Lifetime. You Can Also Indulge In Activities Such As Boating Or Simply Relax By The Lakeside, Immersing Yourself In The Tranquility Of The Surroundings. The Serene Atmosphere And Captivating Beauty Of Attabad Lake Will Leave You In Awe.

•	At 11:30 Am, We Will Continue Our Journey Towards The Hussaini Suspension Bridge, One Of The Oldest Handmade Suspension Bridges In The Region. As You Walk Across This Iconic Bridge, Suspended Over The Emerald Waters Of The Hunza River, You Can Feel A Sense Of Adventure And Thrill. The Bridge Offers Panoramic Views Of The Surrounding Landscapes, Making It A Perfect Spot For Photography Enthusiasts.

•	In The Afternoon, We Will Embark On A Drive To Khunjerab Pass, The Highest Paved International Border Crossing In The World, Situated At An Elevation Of 4,693 Meters (15,397 Feet). The Journey To Khunjerab Pass Is An Adventure In Itself, As We Traverse Through Winding Mountain Roads, Offering Breathtaking Views At Every Turn. As We Reach The Pass, You Will Be Greeted By The Vast Expanse Of Snow-Capped Peaks, Pristine Glaciers, And The Crisp Mountain Air. This High-Altitude Experience Is Truly Awe-Inspiring, Allowing You To Witness The Grandeur Of Nature At Its Finest. Take Your Time To Explore The Area, Capture Stunning Photographs, And Absorb The Unique Atmosphere Of Being At Such A Remarkable Altitude.

•	By Evening, We Will Return To The Hotel, Where You Will Have A Comfortable Overnight Stay. Reflect On The Unforgettable Experiences Of The Day, Surrounded By The Beauty And Tranquility Of Hunza Valley. Rest Well And Rejuvenate, As There Are More Adventures Awaiting You In The Coming Days.

Day 04 Exploring Naltar Valley And Gilgit:

•	Start Your Day With A Delicious Breakfast At The Hotel, Fueling Up For A Day Of Exploration In The Picturesque Naltar Valley And The Vibrant City Of Gilgit.

•	Depart From Your Hotel Around 10:30 Am, Beginning Your Journey Towards Naltar Valley. As You Make Your Way Through The Scenic Roads, You'll Pass Through Nomal, A Charming Village That Adds To The Beauty Of The Route.

•	Upon Arriving At Naltar Valley, Prepare To Be Enchanted By Its Stunning Landscapes And Natural Beauty. Naltar Valley Is Renowned For Its Vibrant Green Meadows, Dense Forests, And Pristine Lakes. One Of The Highlights Of This Valley Is Its Famous Ski Resort, Which Attracts Visitors From Around The World. Marvel At The Snow-Capped Peaks, Enjoy The Crisp Mountain Air, And Soak In The Serene Atmosphere Of This Alpine Paradise.

•	Naltar Valley Is Also Home To Several Beautiful Lakes, Each With Its Own Unique Charm. These Include:

•	Naltar Lakes: The Naltar Lakes Are A Cluster Of Three Lakes Known As Blue, Green, And Red Lakes.
•	The Blue Lake Boasts Crystal-Clear Turquoise Waters That Reflect The Surrounding Mountains, Creating A Picturesque Scene.

•	The Green Lake Is Surrounded By Lush Green Meadows, Offering A Tranquil Setting For Relaxation And Picnics.

•	The Red Lake, Named After The Red Flowers That Bloom Around Its Edges, Adds A Vibrant Touch To The Landscape.

•	Bashkiri Lakes: These Lakes Are Nestled Amidst The Mountains, Surrounded By Towering Peaks And Verdant Valleys. The Bashkiri Lakes Offer A Serene And Secluded Escape, Where You Can Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of Nature And Enjoy Moments Of Tranquility.

•	Spend Your Time In Naltar Valley Exploring Its Stunning Landscapes, Taking Leisurely Walks Along The Meadows, And Capturing Photographs Of The Breathtaking Scenery. Whether You Choose To Relax By The Lakes, Engage In Outdoor Activities, Or Simply Absorb The Serenity Of The Surroundings, Naltar Valley Is Sure To Leave A Lasting Impression.

•	After Experiencing The Beauty Of Naltar Valley, Return To Nomal And Continue Your Journey Towards Gilgit. Gilgit Is A Bustling City Known For Its Vibrant Culture, Bustling Bazaars, And Historical Sites. Check In At Your Hotel In Gilgit, Where You Can Unwind And Reflect On The Day's Adventures.

•	In The Evening, You Have The Option To Explore The Lively Streets Of Gilgit, Visit The Local Markets, And Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture. Sample The Delicious Regional Cuisine, Interact With The Friendly Locals, And Appreciate The Unique Charm Of This City Nestled Amidst The Stunning Landscapes Of The Gilgit-Baltistan Region.

•	As The Night Falls, Retire To Your Hotel In Gilgit, Savoring The Memories Of The Day And Anticipating The Experiences That Lie Ahead In This Culturally Rich And Captivating Part Of Pakistan.

Day 05:

•	As Your Journey In The Gilgit-Baltistan Region Comes To A Close, Enjoy A Satisfying Breakfast At Your Hotel, Preparing For The Day Of Departure.

•	After Breakfast, It's Time To Bid Farewell To Gilgit As You Make Your Way To Gilgit Airport. Ensure That You Leave With Ample Time To Reach The Airport, Considering Any Traffic Or Logistical Factors. 

•	It Is Generally Recommended To Arrive At The Airport At Least Two Hours Before Your Scheduled Flight Departure Time.

•	As You Board Your Flight, Take A Moment To Reflect On The Incredible Experiences And Memories You've Made Throughout Your Trip. As The Plane Takes Off, Enjoy The Aerial View Of The Majestic Mountains, Valleys, And Rivers That You Have Come To Love And Admire During Your Time In The Gilgit Baltistan Region. The Bird's-Eye Perspective Offers A Unique Appreciation Of The Natural Wonders You Have Explored.

•	Upon Arrival In Islamabad, Marking The End Of Your Journey In This Breathtaking Region. While Leaving The Mountains And Valleys Behind, Carry The Memories Of The Stunning Landscapes, Warm Hospitality, And Cultural Experiences With You.

•	The Conclusion Of Your Trip Does Not Mark The End Of The Journey. The Memories, Photographs, And Experiences Will Stay With You, Serving As A Reminder Of The Beauty And Wonder That Pakistan Has To Offer. Whether It's The Towering Peaks, Serene Lakes, Ancient Forts, Or The Friendly Smiles Of The Locals, Your Journey In The Gilgit-Baltistan Region Will Leave An Indelible Mark On Your Heart And Mind.

•	As You Return To Home, Take The Time To Reflect On Your Trip, Sharing Stories And Photos With Friends And Family, And Perhaps Even Planning Your Next Adventure To Explore More Of The Wonders That Pakistan Holds.

•	Safe Travels And May Your Journey Home Be Filled With Fond Memories And A Renewed Sense Of Wonder For The Beauty Of Our World

Terms & Conditions
•	The Use Of Drugs Or Any Form Of Intoxication Is Strictly Prohibited During The Trip. Anyone Found Using Substances On Buses Or During The Trip Will Be Immediately Expelled From The Trip With No Eligibility For A Refund.

•	All Payments Made Are Non-Refundable. However, If Compensation Is Necessary, You Will Have The Option To Use The Amount Towards A Future Trip Within One Year.

•	The Company Reserves The Right To Cancel The Trip Without Prior Notice For Reasons Deemed Appropriate By Them. In Such Cases, Registered Participants Will Receive A Full Refund.

•	On Adventure Trips Like This, Factors Such As Weather, Local Politics, Transportation, Or Other Unforeseen Circumstances Beyond The Control Of The Organizers May Result In Changes To The Itinerary. While Substantial Alterations Are Unlikely, The Group Leader And Guide Will Decide The Best Alternative In The Interests Of The Whole Group.
A.	Smoking Is Strictly Prohibited In Transport.
B.	Participants Must Carry A Valid Computerized Cnic/Passport Card.
C.	Time Management And Punctuality Are Strongly Recommended.
•	Participants Are Advised To Wear Non-Slippery Shoes/Boots/Joggers/Dms And Avoid Wearing Heels Or Dress Shoes.

•	Air Conditioning In Buses Will Be Operated On An On-Off Basis During Steep Ascents In Mountainous Areas To Prevent Overheating.

•	The Company Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Injury, Damage, Or Loss Incurred During The Trip.

•	Please Note That These Terms And Conditions Are In Place To Ensure A Safe And Enjoyable Experience For All Participants.