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Flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia

As you are already familiar, Pakistani muslims hold great religious significance to Saudi Arabia. Mostly people travel from Pakistan to Saudi for Umrah or Hajj purposes but there are a variety of people who travel to Saudi Arabia for different reasons. Saudi Arabia is a home to approximately 2,714,684 Pakistanis and these numbers are growing over the years because of Saudi's diverse culture and job market. This brings out some of the most busy flight routes which consist of back to back direct flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. The distance between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is about 2,500 kilometres which can only be covered by taking a flight. Direct flights from Pakistan to Saudi usually take about 4 hours and 40 minutes.  

This brings out the question of having economical and cheap flight options so that you can travel with comfort without having to worry about high ticket prices of airlines. So  if you want to get cheap flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, we are here to help you. With Bookme, cheap flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia are not a problem. Just scroll down on this page and you will get all the information regarding cheap flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and much more. 

Cheap Flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia

Finding a cheap and economical flight is not easy but with the help of Bookme, you don't have to worry about visiting hundreds of websites just to get a cheap air ticket. Bookme lets you browse through all the information at one place and you can easily find multiple cheap flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. All you need to do is go to Bookme website or app, enter your departure and destination points, select the date and Bookme’s online portal will show you all the flights with the most economical prices. At the top of that page Bookme, there are three options of flights with ticket prices, you can take a look and choose the one according to your preference.  

  • Cheapest Flights 
  • Recommended Flights 
  • Quickest Flight 

There are other useful tips you can use to find the cheapest flight option from Pakistan to Saudi. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of all these tips. Take a look. 


Popular routes from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia play an essential role in getting cheap flights. By getting to know the most common route you can book direct flight and find cheap seating options as well. Some of the popular routes from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia are 

The cheapest flight you can get is from Karachi to Jeddah which costs around 42335/-PKR per Person. 

Get Comfortable to Explore Multiple Airlines

In order to get a cheap ticket it's important you explore all the options you have.  That includes travelling from not so popular airlines. Popular airlines tend to have more expensive ticket prices as compared to the normal ones so you should get comfortable exploring multiple airlines and get the best deal out of them.

Check Ticket Prices of Different Airlines

Ticket prices vary greatly when it comes to airline bookings. You can get a great package just by exploring thoroughly all the different airline websites, comparing their services and ticket prices. In doing that, you would get to know which airline has more to offer in economical ticket prices. And what's a better place than Bookme. Bookme offers a variety of airlines with all their itinerary where you can browse easily and book airline tickets according to your preference.

Cheap flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia are mostly offered by AirBlue as the cheapest flight from Pakistan to Jeddah costs approximately 51963/-PKR. Another great option is PIA and Flynas. 

Air Ticket Price Pakistan to Saudi Arabia 

Several people travel from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for various purposes. It can be a visit, a religious journey or for some personal reasons, whatever it is, you must be looking for Air ticket prices from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. Here is the list of air ticket prices from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia with all the popular routes connecting the two countries.

(Prices may vary due to uncertain circumstances so make sure to check out the latest air ticket price from Pakistan to Saudi on Bookme)

Karachi to Jeddah air ticket price costs from 42335/-PKR to 256680/-PKR, depending on the airline you opt for.

Karachi to Madinah air ticket price costs from 50663/-PKR to 367055/-PKR depending on the airline you opt for.

Lahore to Riyadh air ticket price costs from 138941/-PKR to 522548/-PKR depending on the airline you opt for.

Pakistan to Saudi Arabia Flight Booking

You can easily do a Pakistan to Saudi Arabia flight booking with just a few clicks on Bookme. Bookme’s e-ticketing platform allows you to browse several airlines, their departure and arrival timings, amenities offered by them and much more. All you need to do is install the Bookme app or just visit the Bookme website. Click on
“VISIT SAUDI '' section and there you will have all the information you need to book a flight.